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Kiss Cut Vs Die Cut Stickers

By : Amelia Varley on May 25, 2022 | Reading Time: 4 minutes

Personalised stickers are a great way to bring out the creative side of you. They can be used as gifts to give your near and dear ones. Or they can be used as promotional materials for your business. If you need to send out even reminders, stickers are a creative way to do that. They are also a great way to raise awareness of causes.

The two most popular types of stickers are kiss cut and die cut. You can use either type to make your custom stickers, depending on what the occasion is and what you need.

Kiss Cut Stickers Vs Die Cut Stickers

Both types of stickers essentially look the same, but there are subtle but important differences between them.

In die cut stickers, the backing is exactly in line with the shape as well as size of the sticker. They are easy to apply and at the same time look good as display items, on countertops or bookcases. Kiss cut stickers, on the other hand, are only cut through the vinyl.

This means the paper backing remains whole. As such, you would be able to print on the vinyl present around kiss cut stickers. This can make your design extra stylish.

Die cut stickers come with a custom shape. So, when you’re ordering your stickers, you’ll know exactly how it will look even before you peel off the backing.

Where To Get Them: Die Cut Stickers

That’s not necessarily the case with kiss cut stickers. This is because kiss cut stickers come with extra backing, which means the sticker itself may be different custom shape after it’s peeled off.

Die cut stickers are also good display items. You won’t have to peel off the backing and still present it as a re-saleable item. If you’ve come up with designs that you want to showcase and let your clients know about, you can send them die cut stickers.

Kiss cut stickers may not have the advantage, but it’s more amenable for intricate designs. As the backing paper is more than the sticker itself, there is enough support for the sticker to protect it from damage during transportation irrespective of what kind of design you choose.

Where To Get Them: Vinyl Stickers

The extra backing paper not only acts as protection but also makes it easier to peel the sticker without damaging it.

Similarities Between Kiss Cut And Die Cut Stickers

There are not just differences, though. Die cut stickers and kiss cut stickers have quiet a few similarities as well. One such similarity is that both come with UV lamination finish.

What this means is your personalised stickers would be able to durable even when they’re being used outdoors. They can withstand extreme temperature without incurring any damage. The UV lamination also ensures there is no question of fading ink, either.

Both stickers come with custom shapes. So irrespective of which type of sticker you choose, you would be able to design it all your creative instincts. Another similarity with both stickers is that most colours can be printed on both stickers.

This means you can make your stickers as vibrant as you want, and it would still look good. Both dye and kiss cut stickers would look good in bright as well as in colours that are not too commonly used.

Considering that the backing paper is designed differently for both the stickers, it might seem the peeling would be different. But both kiss cut sticker and die cut sticker comes with rounded corners. These rounded corners make it easy for people to peel off the backing paper.

This ensures that the people using the stickers don’t have to struggle to remove the backing paper, and in the process damage the sticker itself.

Another advantage of having rounded corners is that the stickers don’t roll up at the edges after they have been applied to a surface. Both kiss and die cut stickers are able to avoid the common problem of rolled up edges.


Both kiss cut stickers and die cut stickers offer a wide range of options. If you are keen on having an intricated design, then it would be best to have kiss cut stickers as they offer protection through the backing paper.

But if the design is a little more straightforward, you can go for die cut stickers as they are better as display items, which can be used on laptops or even tabletops.

Both types of stickers have their similarities and differences. The choice of type of sticker would rest on what use you have in mind for them.