Custom Mouse Pads
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Custom Mouse Pads

Spending too much time on the computer and want unique customisation to add some colours? Well, then ditch those boring mouse pads and spruce up your workplace with a quirky custom mouse pads!

Make your desk little more interesting ! Add some motivation and colours to your desk. Use Printyo custom large or small mouse pads, made of high quality material for gaming, office and all other personal uses. You think we create !

Choose any image you want to print on the mouse pad, get the printing done on the best quality material of mouse pad, place an order now and get it delivered to any place in Australia with next day dispatch option. You can choose to order any size, be it large or small as pr your convinience.

As low as $12 $6.99 *
As low as $12 $6.99 *
As low as $12 $6.99 *
As low as $20 $15.99 *
As low as $12 $6.99 *
As low as $12 $6.99 *
As low as $20 $15.99 *
As low as $12 $6.99 *
As low as $12 $6.99 *
As low as $14 $6.99 *
As low as $12 $6.99 *
As low as $12 $6.99 *
As low as $12 $6.99 *
As low as $12 $6.99 *

Personalized Mouse Pads

Perfect for the Intense Gamer, Budding Graphic and the Workaholic

It’s amazing how much we rely on the humble computer mouse. It’s probably one of the most used items in any office, so why not make it a little more special? Personalized mouse pads are a great way to add some character to your workspace. They seem to be an option for the best birthday, anniversary, Father’s day gift or valentines day gifts for him. We can print anything from company logos and slogans to pictures of friends and family. The possibilities are endless! Don’t spend another day pretending to use that boring, grey slab of plastic. Get a mouse pad printed with your own artwork today!

Gaming Mouse Pads

Large Gaming Mouse Pads

Blast off to your favourite game with a large mousepad as cool as you are. We can print anything from your favourite game to your own personalised designs. With non-slip backing, our custom mouse pads stay in place while you’re scurrying around in virtual space!

Office Mouse Pads

Office Mouse Pads

With our personalized mouse pad designs for the office, we’ll help you make your workspace comfortable and inviting. And because they’re made with high-quality materials, they’re guaranteed to last through all sorts of wear and tear.

Personal Mouse Pads

Personal Mouse Pads

Let your mouse pad be an extension of your personality! Pick a personalized mouse pad that can withstand the rigors of everyday use and won’t fade or wear out — they’ll stay bright and colourful as long as you need them!

Dress Up Your Desk With The Personalised Mouse Pads

custom mugs printing

To operate your computer’s mouse properly, you will need Customised mouse pads, a specific mat made of tough fabric or plastic. To avoid scratching the desk, it features a soft bottom and a high-friction top side often constructed from woven rubber or soft plastic. This gives customers greater control over their emotions by allowing them to set their mice on the personalised mouse pads. Using Custom mouse pads at PrintYo might help you move your cursor more quickly. It also reduces wrist strain and prevents inadvertent mouse dangling over the edge of the desk, which may lead to injury. As a result, bespoke mouse pads are substantially more significant than a typical computer mouse in terms of their dimensions.PrintYo custom logo mouse pads are available in various shapes and sizes, including squares, half-circles, circles, custom keyboard wrist rests, and extra-padded gaming mouse pads. However, squares are by far the most prevalent. Personalised mouse pads at PrintYo are a terrific way to advertise your business since they can be made in any form or size, complete with your company’s logo and branding. PrintYo is a company that shares your enthusiasm for creating custom designs and printing them on items you like.Using high-quality printing, you can attract the attention of your target audience. Our name reflects this. We named our company PrintYo because of our passion for creating eye-catching, high-quality prints and the euphoria of getting you started.

Made in Australia…With Love…Operates From Melbourne

Mouse pads can be made fun too with our specialized custom mouse pad printing options. You can pick any image you want to print on the mouse pad, be it a quirky design, personalised photo, business logos, or any other image you want. It’s completely your choice.
Be it a birthday gift, Christmas Gift, Father’s day gift or an easter gift for your teacher or family, custom mousepads are a perfect choice.
At Printyo, we offer the best-customized printing services in Australia on various items that make your space bright and lively. Our beautiful client reviews reassures that you can trust our quality. Order now your choice of the all-new printed mouse pads from Printyo to cheer yourself up or gift it to your loved ones. We also accept custom mousepad printing bulk orders. However, there is no minimum order; so go ahead and get that crazy image printed on your mouse pad now.

Browse. Order. Relax. You are just a few clicks away from ordering your favorite pair of mouse pads!

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Yes, choosing the image you want to print is completely your choice. You can choose the choice of customizations from our templates and pick an image to fit in there or have your own complete design printed too.
The images printed on the mouse pads do not fade over time. We use a specific process called sublimation that ensures long-lasting colour adherence and therefore, the images will look as good as new even after many years.
No, not at all. We use a specific technology of ‘no feel’ which ensures that the printed image or the ink can’t be felt when you touch it. The mouse pad is made of foaming, natural rubber and the surface is completely smooth and made with anti-slip technology which allows the mouse to move freely and securely.
The mouse pads don’t get damaged with any liquids. If you spill anything on the mouse pad, please take a wet cloth immediately to wipe off the liquid and follow it up with a dry cloth. There won’t be any indication of spillage at all.
Yes, you can tumble dry the mouse pads on low heat by turning it inside out in cold water. Avoid using any heavy detergent or fabric softener that could react with the ink and damage the image on it.
No, the ink doesn’t crack with regular usage or overtime. As we assure you of its smoothness in moving the mouse over, we take extra care to make sure that the ink doesn’t crack and lead to uncomfortable mouse movements.
Yes, we offer artwork check in which we will check your images to ensure that it will look good on the custom mouse pad before proceeding to print it.
Yes, the artwork check we offer is completely free. We generally perform the check once your order is placed and get back to you if any changes are needed.
There are no hard and fast rules about the image. But, we advise you to send us an image that is of good quality, clarity and lightning.
Of course, yes. We have in-house design experts who can discuss with you to create a design that you envision. We don’t charge extra for the design services unless you need us to include a particular business design or logo.
You can place the order on our website by choosing the theme and uploading the image you want to be printed. Else, you can email us your requirements to [email protected] or call on 03 8657 9428 during our working hours to place an order.
If the order is for a few numbers of mouse pads, typically less than 10, then we will print and dispatch the order in the next 24 to 48 hours. Once dispatched, the order will be delivered to metro cities in 2 days and will take a day or two for other places in Australia. For bulk orders, the complete printing process can be determined based on the number of mouse pads required. We will give you an estimated time of delivery after the order is placed.

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Thanks for the smile on my dads face!
  • Submitted on 2022-10-01 02:07AM
  • By Hazel

I bought the super dad face mousepad for my father. Since he spends most of his time working on the PC, i thought that was the perfect gift for him. To my surprise, he not only loved the mousepad but appreciated my effort also. I was amazed with the amazing quality you offered. Kiddos Printyo!

i loved the mousepad
  • Submitted on 2022-09-29 00:19AM
  • By Humna

I ordered this amazing mousepad for my mother on mothers day. She loved it so much. She not only carries it to the office but also carries it wherever she goes. The only mistake I did was ordering a large size.

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