Personalised Wall Stickers

Personalised Wall Stickers

Personalised Wall stickers are a great way to decorate your home. Leaving your walls bare can make the entire house look plain. Instead, you can use custom wall stickers to make any room lively. You can get a range of designs, from an underwater theme to outer space.

With some imagination, you can make your house interesting place for yourself and guests. Browse through our wide selection of wall stickers decals and discover the perfect design to suit your style.

Say Bye To Blank Walls

Blank walls can be boring to look at, especially in a home where you will spend the most time in your life. This is where removable wall stickers can be of help. Transform your space with our premium vinyl wall stickers, perfect for adding a touch of creativity to any room. You can not only decorate the walls with designs of your choice, but also move them around from wall to wall without any damage to the stickers or your wall. The Custom wall stickers are modern and very innovative. With the ease of application and low investment cost, they are capable of innovating the most diverse types of environments in a practical and fast way. With the application of custom wall stickers, it is possible to carry out all types of objectives successfully, whether aimed at visual communication between brand and customer, whether for advertising actions or decoration of environments. Create a stunning feature wall with our high-quality wallpaper stickers, designed to effortlessly enhance your home decor.

Custom Wall Stickers With Printyo

In order to offer excellence in quality and fully meet market demands, Printyo constantly invests in state-of-the-art equipment capable of offering the best results in personalised wall sticker printing services for the most diverse types of environments with quality. We offer superior, high resolution and great colour definition. With solutions for small, medium and large companies, PrintYo offers custom-made wall stickers to envelop walls and installation by specialised professionals. We serve the network of retailers or companies that have many points of sale, among others, providing printing and installation services.

How To Order Your Custom Wall Stickers 

Ordering cool wall stickers is quite easy. All you have to do is determine which design you want to have in the various rooms of your home. Then choose the relevant stickers and place your order. If you have your own ideas of the design you want, you can even place an order for custom wall stickers. If you can’t place your finger on the right design, you can even contact us and let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help you.

Made In Australia…With Love…Operates From Melbourne

You can decorate all the rooms in your house with custom wall stickers. Printed with precision, our decals for walls in Australia are made to withstand the test of time, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

All the wall stickers we offer or produce are made in Australia. As such, we will be able to take utmost care about the quality of the product and the speed with which it reaches your hands. 

Join our satisfied customers who have left positive reviews about our high-quality wall stickers and excellent customer service.

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Peel the paper at the back of your customised wall stickers and place it on the desired location.
PrintYo wall stickers don’t cause any damage to your walls.
Customised wall stickers can be easily removed and reused on different walls.
You need to put a bit wax paper over the wall sticker and smooth it down using a credit card or something similar.
Yes, it can be removed with a jet of hot air over the stickers on the wall. Once removed, wipe with a damp cloth with mild soap.
No. You fill a bucket with hot water and use the paint roller to wet the wall until the paper and glue soften. Then just use the spatula to remove the material from the bottom up.
If the wall is not extremely smooth, it is necessary to apply a hand of spackle, sand, clean, apply a coat of acrylic paint, and only then install the sticker.
A Custom wall sticker is a great and cheapest way to change the look of a space.

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