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Top 21 Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas for him under $100  

By : Amelia Varley on Jan 07, 2024 | Reading Time: 9 minutes

Imagine his face beaming with a big smile when you choose the perfect valentine’s gift for him that he always desired. You can’t let go of that surprised face and the tightest hug you always wanted.

 Do you realise that the right thoughtful gift is key to impressing your valentine?

Think out of the box this time.

Choosing the most memorable valentines day gifts for him can seem highly stressogenic.

Thus, we have done all the hard work and diligence required and jotted this list of top sentimental yet memorable valentine’s day gift ideas for him within $100.

Our team has searched the strategist archives to find the right customised gifts for Valentine’s Day for him. We managed to do a proper survey asking the guys around what they would love their girlfriends to gift them.

We have shortlisted the best 21 valentines day gift ideas for him to avoid any confusion for you.

Meaningful gifts no more burn your pockets. This list has some cheap valentine’s gift ideas for him as well, that may be really purposeful.


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List the most memorable valentine’s gift ideas for him within $100


Personalized Gifts

Personalised gifts are simply the best valentine’s gifts as they have the power to manifest emotions. They add a personal touch to your presents.

It surely gets you some bonus points. You can choose from a wide range of personalised gifts which may include personalized mousepads, personalised stainless steel bottles, and so on. Pack them beautifully with a heartfelt message.

He’ll love these extra efforts taken by you.


1. Love Bay Boxers

bae boxers

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For some men, boxers become the foundation of styling. You see, after a tiresome day at work, all men want to do is grab an ice-cold beer from the fridge, get rid of their office pants only to put on a boxer, and tune to Netflix or get engrossed in a game.

He would go gaga over you thinking you understand him so well. So, if your valentine is a boxer lover, surprise him with these customised I love bay boxers from Printyo. This would surely be one of the best valentine’s day gifts for him.

A little sense of humor always lightens up the mood. It is one of the best gifts.

Boxers top the list of personalised valentine’s day gift ideas for him this 2024.

Price: $29.99 each


2. You Are Happy Place Crew Socks

you are my happy place

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Socks lovers don’t always need socks puns. Some quirkiness always adds some fun and romance. Any sock lover would be head over heels if you complimented them for their socks. If your bae is a socks lover, order these special you are my happy place crew socks.  He’ll totally understand your wittiness.

You can even get a sweet message or a quote printed on the crew socks.

Isn’t it a great gift?

Price: $24.99 each  


3. Romantic Fusion Tshirts

Romantic Fusion Tshirt

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Do you have a wacky boyfriend or husband? Do you guys share a slangy-itsy-bitsy relationship? If so, gift him these customised t-shirts and ensure he wears them.

Add some cheesiness with some goofiness. You can Browse our wide collection of customised men’s t-shirts.

Price: $29.99 each  


4. Yellow Heart Valentine Mug

yellow heart valentine mug mock

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Does your valentine believe in coffee not just being a drink but a language itself? Is he a coffee enthusiast? Why not remind him that you and coffee are the best combination for him?

Order these yellow heart valentines mugs printed with a photo of the two of you. These mugs are thoughtful and unique presents that will be cherished for years.

This is of an affordable yet sentimental valentine gift is you are in a long distance relationship/.

Price: $16.00 each  


5. Customised Image Stubby Holders

customised image stubby holder

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If your valentine is a la mode, gift him these unique customised stubby holders. Besides keeping the drinks cool, the custom stubby holders are the perfect canvas for displaying your ideas.

This custom-printed stubby holder allows you to create a one-of-a-kind gift for the special person in your life.

A perfect and meaningful gift for him.

Price: $13.99 each 


6. Customise Image Mouse Pad

customised image mousepad

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Is he working 9-5? Serene his desk with these super romantic valentine’s face mouse pads. With these custom valentine’s mousepads, you can spruce up his workstation or office desk.

Splash-proof, robust, and easy to clean, these mousepads are also the perfect partner for the office. Even on the busiest days, he should know you are waiting for him.

Is he a gamer? Guys truly love girls who understand their love for games. Improve his gaming skills and be the game changer by giving him these personalized mouse pads.

 Price: $13.99  


Tech Gift Ideas

These are one of the best gifts for men. Mostly all guys are tech-savvy. They are always excited about a wireless charger, neck massager, or smart mug. Your special someone deserves the best valentine’s day gifts.


7. Sleep Aid Device

sleep aid device

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After a chaotic day, all men have the right to sleep calmly. The Dodow is an excellent tool to aid in falling asleep. A simple push of a button allows him to fall asleep in 8-20 minutes, depending on his current sleep habits.  Isn’t this a great gift?

Price- $80  


8. Bluetooth Sunglasses

Bluetooth sunglass

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Wish him a happy valentine’s day with these trendy sunglasses have built-in Bluetooth-connected speakers giving him access to voice Control to Enjoy the Freedom of Wireless Mobile Calls, Free Music, and more.

Price- $49  


9. Massage Gun Muscle Massager

Massage Gun

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It’s time to relax his sore muscles.

This is not a luxury but, yes, a necessity. Gift him a massager that can help him stretch, recover and relieve relaxation.

This is something he’ll love.

Price: $79  


10. Personalised iPhone and apple accessories stand

Tech gift

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Why not gift your tech-savvy bae something to secure his accessories with a personalised touch? Order these classy, interesting personalised iPhone and apple accessories stand. You can choose the colour as per your choice.

Price: $99  


11. CFENEYOL Eye Massager

eye massager

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Gift your valentine these amazing CFENEYOL smart eye Masks with heating pads to relieve eye strain. It is one of the most thoughtful valentine’s gifts for him.

Not only this, eye massager will release his anxiety and stress. Heat and rhythmic vibrations will stimulate his nerves, soothe his tired muscles, help him to feel calm and composed, and improve his mood.

They deserve some special care too. This is going to be termed as a sweet functional gift by him for sure.

Price: $79.99  

12. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera


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This can be one of the interesting valentines day gifts for men if they love to create new memories and in case he is an outdoor enthusiast. It will be a perfect present for him if he enjoys reliving special occasions.

He can use this instant mini camera to click and collect memories.

Take a photo of that vivid memory or release your photos from your smartphone without the need for any special settings. Totally a practical gift if he loves to capture memories.

Price: $60


Suggestive Classic Gifts  


13. Zitahli Front Pocket Money Clip Wallet


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Like most traditional money clips, his slim new wallet doesn’t just hold cash – it also accommodates cards.

Made from durable vegan leather, so it’s sure to last. This makes a perfect gift. The cherry on the cake is that it comes in classy gift box packaging.

Price: $50  


14. Whisky and Wine Decanter

whisky decanter

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Are you with someone who treats whisky like liquid sunshine? Is he a scotch lover? If yes, adding some style would be a superb call. Gift him this whisky and wine decanter now. He will surely enjoy this with his favourite whisky.

Price: $69  


15. Custom Weekend Bag


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This two-colored canvas bag can be customised with his initial in one of three fonts and is perfect for every trip he takes to the gym, an overnight stay, or a wedding.

Designed for the ultimate space and comfort, it is the best and most classy way for the men in your life.

Price: $34  


16. I Love You More The End I Win Keychain Friendship Key Chain

i love more key keyring

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This cherishable keychain is a perfect valentine’s gift for him. Engraved with the words “I Love You More, The End I Win”, a great way to remind him how special he is to you. Order these now.

Price: $13  


17. VAHDAM, Assorted Tea Gift Set

assorted tea set

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Tea lovers always believe you can never get a large or long enough cup of tea or a book to suit them. Tea connoisseurs always believe their blood group is tea positive. Lolz

If your valentine is one of them, gift him this assorted tea set. Express your love and gratitude by gifting a premium wellness and nutrition gift box.

Price: $88  


18. Steel Whiskey Rocks

metal whisky stones

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Enhance your drinking experience with these whiskey bullets to ensure that your love is the classiest person in the room at all times.

Let him cherish his refreshing, chilled drink as the ice-cold bullet enhances the flavours of your favourite beverage.

Price: $38  


Romantic Gifts 


19. Avior Personalized Music Plaque

avior personalised music

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Give your spouse a romantic and truly memorable gift with a custom album cover featuring your special song and a photo of you both. He won’t anticipate it. It’s perfect for that “hard to buy for” person.

Price: $47  


20. Word cloud portrait

world cloud potrait

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Let’s presume your special one is all about love. He loves you to express it with words. The word cloud portrait is a unique way of showing love and appreciation.

Something that will boost him even on the darkest days when you are not around.

Price: $35  


21. Moon Silhouette Lamp


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A couple watching the super full wolf moon creates a quiet and spacious atmosphere. That love brewing in the silence has no limit.

Made of solid wood and acrylic, USB powered, easy to install, and simple to use, LED beads have up to 50,000 hours of life. Gift him this romantic lamp this valentine.

Price: $70  

Spark your imagination to create that unique gift to surprise him.


Sentimental Valentines Gifts for Him


sentimental gift for him


Whether you are choosing your first valentine’s gift for your boyfriend or valentine’s gift for your husband, sentimental gifts have the power to indicate emotions. Don’t forget “sentiment” is another love language.

It should be an ultimate gift to surprise him. What better than a personalised valentine’s gift?

Imagine him thinking about you every time he sits on his PC and looks at the personalisd mouse pad gifted by you. Or, what if he can’t stop giggling when he sees the personalised socks?

It would be so romantic when he imagines your first kiss as he sees the moon lamp.

Why not pamper him with a quirky or beautiful sentimental gift he’ll love?

And if this is your first valentine’s day, then this has to be all the more special. Use all your creative ideas to make your first valentine’s day the most special.

Your favorite guy deserves this much, right?