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What Are Die Cut Stickers

By : Amelia Varley on May 16, 2022 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Stickers can be a great way to market your products. Not only do they let you be creative, but also end up working more than just as a marketing tool.

When you give stickers to your clients or potential customers, it is more likely to be seen as a gift than marketing material. They will be more likely to display it and increase exposure for your brand since they’ll tend to look cool.

There are different types of stickers available for you to choose from. The most durable and stylish type of stickers are the die cut variety.

What Are Die Cut Stickers?

A die cut sticker is essentially when you cut the sticker itself into the shape you want. Even the sticker backing comes in the same shape as the sticker, which is not usually the case with other varieties. Normal stickers usually have a set shape such as a rectangle or a circle.

But die cut stickers can be cut into any shape you can think of. Die cut stickers can have pointy ends or wavy edges or curved sides. There is no limit to how you can get a die cut sticker shape. You can make your own custom die-cut stickers.

Die cutting originally came from the shoe industry. Shoemakers used die cutting to shift from manually punching holes to make soles in the unique shapes they needed. They could cast a die that would replicate the design of the sole to help mass produce the shoes.

The advancements made there has helped high-speed cutting technology be used in various other industries, including stickers.

Die cut stickers are cut right through the paper backing so that it can have the exact shape as your design. The result is that die cut stickers look great even before they are applied. You can make any number of intricate designs using die cut.

Stickers are already a great way to promote your brand. But using die cut stickers will make sure they stand out. They are very versatile and can be used in a number of different scenarios.

You can use them from any business purpose to raising awareness about any important issue. You can also use die cut stickers as a unique gift for your friends and loved ones on special occasions.

Although you shouldn’t go overboard with the complexity of your design, die cut stickers still provide the chance to get your creative juices flowing. This can help you showcase your brand’s message even better, compared with other types of stickers.

Since you can get creative with the design, the people who get your stickers would be more inclined to display them as they would look cooler than regular stickers. This increases the chances of your brand being noticed by more potential customers.

Anyone can send out regular rectangular or circular stickers to clients. It’s more likely that the intended recipients won’t even give them a second look. But changing the shape or creating another dimension for the stickers can help keep the attention of your audience.

You can even use die cut to create business cards. Considering that standard business cards are most likely forgotten immediately, a die cut variety would help in ensuring people keep your card for longer and actually pay attention to it.

There are a variety of die cut stickers to choose from, including gloss and matte finish. Most die cut stickers are also waterproof, which means they can be displayed in outdoors without being damaged. Using die cut stickers would ensure that your message is not lost and is retained for a longer duration by your customers.

Where To Get Stickers: Custom Stickers


While there are a few sticker options to consider, die cut stickers offer the best chance at sending your brand message across to the intended audience. Die cut stickers are also a creative way to send out party invites.

They are also a cost-effective and unique way to give out as party favours. Your guests will find them fun to use and will likely remember the gift for a longer time.

Die cut stickers also help you get creative with your designs. They are more attractive than any other types of stickers. It is unlikely that recipients would simply throw away die cut stickers, as would have been the case with others.