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How to Download 47 Mug Design Templates for FREE with Printable Files

By : Sam Singh on Jun 18, 2021 | Reading Time: 9 minutes

Walk into the kitchen of any household and you will most certainly see a couple of customized mugs on the counter.

Mugs are multipurpose gifts. You can give them as Mother’s Day gift or a Christmas gift for her, Father’s Day gift, or for any other occasion that can be used to signify a special event. They are a good option when you think about personalised gift ideas for her or him. You can customize and gift mugs for any occasion – be it a gift on a special anniversary to your loved ones, gifts for kids on festivities or even for colleagues on some celebratory events.

Who said you have to stop at just gifts?

You can even go ahead and get a customized mug for yourself or for your household!

There’s no one stopping you.

Usually, when we say customizing the mugs, many automatically think of complex photo editing software with which you have to sit for numerous hours.

That’s just a thing of the past.

At Printyo, we have got you covered. Here you can download mug design templates that you can use for FREE!

We have created 47 mug design templates that you can download and customize with a few tweaks and have it printed beautifully on the mug for specific occasions.

Download the 47 Mug Design Templates for Free!

Are you excited to create a mug of your own with these designs?

Click on the below link to directly download all the 47 templates for mug designs.

Once you have downloaded the templates, you can directly use the same template on a mug or customize it.

For customization, open the specific image in Adobe Illustrator. You can see various editing tools.

If you want to retain the complete design and just change the text or add to the text, click on the text you want to edit.

You can include, remove or modify the text and save it directly to your computer.

That’s it! Your new customized image is ready to get printed on the mug.

Table of Contents:

1. Personalize Your Mug for Special Occasions
2. Download Love Design Mugs
3. Download Kids Design Mugs
4. Download Birthday Design Mugs
5. Download Teens Design Mugs
6. Download Dad Design Mugs
7. Download Thank You Design Mugs

Personalize Your Mug for Special Occasions: Download Mug Design Templates For Free

When we say free, we mean it’s completely free!

You can directly download the editable image to your computer and make changes to it all you want.

Let’s have a look at some of the popular theme designs for mug templates that are included.

Surprise Your Loved One with a Romantic Mug

Haven’t we all heard at some point of time that the best romantic gesture can be in ‘making’ a gift? Well, this is your chance!

Instead of getting the same old mug design with the default template, you can add a signature statement of yours and convert it into completely personal!

We have several mug design templates that can be used for your romantic partner. Here are some of those:

You can even use these mugs as a Valentine’s Day gift! Make it your own with a touch of your creativity or add little tweaks to make it personalized.

There are many more designs that you can personalize as your own.

You can change the background colour, the texts and mix up the design elements as you wish.

love mug design 29

However, if you want to keep your work simple, here a few ideas to get your mind working:

  • Add the name of the person towards the end of the message and add a preposition if needed. It works almost all the time in sync with the message!
  • If you have a few phrases to say, you can add it at the bottom and reduce the size of the existing image.
  • You can use the mug to mark or remind of a special day. Say, you are gifting it for your anniversary, then you can include the date of your first occasion.

Colour Your Kid’s Morning Routine with Their Favourite Animals

For this mug design templates, you don’t even have to do any customizations. All you need to do is to just download the images and use it to order your mug.

We have numerous designs of mug templates with various animals in bright colours. You can give your kids their own mug with their favourite animal printed on it to get them excited every morning.

You can even get two or three mugs with different animals so that the kids will have a lot of fun mixing up and using different mugs every day!

All the mug templates for kids are bursting with colours and very animatic, just in the way they like.

Aren’t these mugs just adorable and looking so fun? If you are tempted, you can even get a cute mug for yourself!

kids mug design 27

If your kid has named any animal toy with names, you can customize the mug to add the name or add the name of your kid on the mug itself.

These would be terrific gifts for the kids and this mug would be one of the most cherished things for them.

Never Go Wrong with a Personalized ‘Happy Birthday’ Mug

Are you out of ideas to get a birthday gift? Well, we have all been there. It can be quite taxing to think of an innovative gift to take to every birthday party you go to.

But, we have made things simpler for you. We have created several themes of birthday designs for mugs. You can download the design, add a bit of customization of your own and place an order on Printyo at affordable rates and get it delivered in a day or two.

For customization options, you can add the age of the person in the below mug where you have a significant space like ‘Happy 21st Birthday’.

Or, add the name of the person in the mug designs like below ones which have ample space after the ‘Happy Birthday’ text.

Else, you can just use the same default design to print the message on the mug. We have more such fun-looking, cheerful mug design templates that you can directly download and print in on the mugs.

Completely Customizable Mug Designs for the Teens

Getting a gift for teens is a hard thing to do. You never know what they like and how soon their tastes keep changing.

If there is one thing that everyone loves, it’s coffee mugs and nothing says ‘I care’ more than a well-thought gift.

We have quirky and adorable mug template designs for teens. The first coffee mug design has the right amount of sass and colour to display it in the room of a teen.

Add a suitable message on the top of this template and you are good to go.

teens mug design 30

Wouldn’t this mug just fit in the room of a teen?

Another mug template for teens is specifically for gamers. Nowadays, we can hardly see any teens away from their smartphones and many are addicted to games.

If you are thinking of the right gift to give to a hard-core gamer, then this mug template would just sit right next on their table.

teens mug design 28

If you want to give something quirky and funny to your friends who are sportspersons or if you want to get one for yourself, the below design on a mug would be a cool addition.

teens mug design 12

Making Someone Feel Special Is Just a ‘Mug’ Away!

There are oftentimes when we want to make someone feel special by a small gesture. And during such times, an unexpected gift will go a long way to make it memorable.

We have various mug themes to tell them how you feel through a simple message on a mug.

For example, to make your dad feel special, an unexpected mug from the kids would mean the world!

dad mug design 5

You can download this template and just change the name at the bottom to make an awesome keepsake.

If you want to gift something similar to your mom, you can edit ‘dad’ in the template to ‘mom’. We have a few more mug design templates for Father’s Day too.

No matter what your age or your father’s age is, these mugs will be one of the most touching gifts. Even if you are staying miles away, you can ship the gift to their address directly as a gift!

Want a cheesy yet cute message on the mug? Well, this one right below is just what you need.

mug design 18

One another mug design we have is for that special woman or girl in your life.

You can gift this mug to your wife, daughter, mom or girlfriend. It’s a beautiful expression of how much that person means to you!

mug design 17

If you are looking to show your appreciation to any other specific persons, like your coach, you can download this template and customize it as much as you want!

You can even get the whole team to sign on this mug and give it to the coach as a memorable gift!

mug design 13

Now You Can Use Words to Express Gratitude!

Don’t we often say that there are no words to express your thanks? Well, now there is!

If you are out of words to express your gratitude to someone, then say it better with a mug!

We have simple mug design templates that you can use as such or with a bit of customization.

You can add a little message at the bottom to show your appreciation or just leave it at that with a simple, crisp message. It would make a lovely and heartwarming gift.

At Printyo, we offer mug printing services at pocket-friendly rates as low as $7. You can choose from the various colours and sizes of mugs available from our website, upload your image and place an order. It’s as simple as that!

What are you waiting for? Download the mug templates and place an order quickly.

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