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Do Stubby Holders Really Keep Drinks Cold Longer?

By : Amelia Varley on Jan 07, 2022 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

It’s a hot sunny day in Australia and you are not having your stubby holder around? Nothing could be scarier than this for Aussie people. Stubby Holders in Australia is no less than an essential utility item that every person loves to carry in their bag. Most of the restaurants usually use stubby holders for drinks and beverages so to keep it chilled for long hours.  

What is a Stubby Holder? 

A stubby holder, also popularly known Koozie, is basically a foam or a fabric sleeve that is insulated to keep the container having a drink or beverage cool. Many says that personalised stubby holders are a stylish way to keep drinks cool ever during hot sunny days. A fabric that is able to thermally insulate the container carrying drink is used to make stubby holder.  

What is Stubby Holder Made of? 

Initially around the 1980s, polystyrene foam was used to make stubby holders as the basic purpose was similar since the beginning; to keep the drinks cold. However, polystyrene foam was failed miserably to keeping up with the only purpose and which is why new materials were came to picture. Cutting the long story short, Neoprene is what has been vastly used nowadays to make stubby holders. 

The common material used to make stubby holder is Neoprene aka wet suit rubber. The majority of the companies use material-formed stubby holders and get them printed as per the demand. But if you are someone who loves to do DIYs, then you can create your own stubby holder at home too. Undoubtedly, having a personalised stubby holder is indeed a trend in the Australian market. But if you feel that you are a creative mind willing to invest the time and energy to create a stubby holder at home, then go ahead as the process is quite easy and not much time-consuming.  

Do Stubby Holders Keep Drinks Cold for Long?

One of the most commonly asked question when it comes to the reliability of stubby holders is whether they’re justifying their sole purpose of existence or not. Well, see the main point here is to understand the actual science behind a product that is initially made to keep cool thing chill and hot things warm. So, let us first understand the principle that is being used in stubby holders.  

Have you ever heard of Insulation? The principle that is used in stubby holders is INSULATION. A thermally insulated fabric/ material is used to cover the container so that it nullifies the transfer of heat between the air and the drink lying in the container. In most of cases, a foam has been put around the bottle so that the liquid inside the container stay intact. The whole process delays the liquid gets into its normal state and hence, keep the drink cool for a longer duration.  

So, we hope that the above explanation helps you convince with the query you had regarding stubby holders and their cooling durability. Another major aspect of ensuring that a custom stubby holder keeps the drink chilled is where you are buying it from. There is a myriad of shops from where you can get the personalised stubby holders at affordable prices. But if you also are considering the good quality and cooling functionality on check, then you must consider buying personalised drink holders from an Australian trusted brand such as PrintYO.  Printyo also sell personalised drink bottles.

Why to Buy Stubby Holders for Drinks & Beverages from PrintYo? 

PrintYO is a leading Australian online gifting brand that has successfully personalised gifts for 5k+ customers till now. The gifting store deals in a wide range of Australian-made products and gets them customised as per the client needs. The brand also offers personalised stubby holders for creative shoppers and customised stubby holders for businesses. Whether you want to have a personalised drink holder for yourself or a custom stubby holder for your brand advertising, PrintYO will dispatch your order within 24 hours.