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How To Make Stubby Holder | A Step-By-Step Guide

By : Sam Singh on Oct 28, 2021 | Reading Time: 5 minutes

Stubby holders are a necessity. Who wants their hands and table to end up moist while holding a chill beer! Stubby holders are great to hold hot drinks too.

Forget finger burns holding hot coffee. There is a wide range of Custom stubby holders available on online stores like PrintYo that you can personalise with your own design or photograph. But if you are very short on time or in the mood to let your creative side take over, you can make your own stubby holder at home.

Love the idea but confused about doing it at home? Well, we are here to help. And no, you don’t need industrial equipment. Just some basic supplies would do the job. Let’s get started now!

1. Things You’ll Need

things you will need

Wondering how to create a stubby holder? Let’s first gather the following items we will need during the process:

  • Rubber glue. If you don’t have rubber glue, get another type of glue. However, bear in mind rubber glue works the best.
  • Circle of foam for the base. You can also use neoprene
  • A few books
  • The rectangle of neoprene. For an average stubby holder, get the size 20.5cm x 10.5cm

2. Ready The Neoprene

Ready The Neoprene

Grab the neoprene rectangle and apply glue carefully on each side of the rectangle. Read the instructions on your glue for the amount of time you need to leave it. Leave the glue to ‘tack up’ for the same amount of time.

3. Wait For The Glue To Tack Up

Most glues take around thirty minutes to get tacky enough for you to make a stubby holder. Wait patiently. We know it’s hard but your patience will be rewarded in the end in the form of a beautiful and functional stubby holder.



4. Use Books To Get A T Bridge Shaped Jig

Use Books To Get A T Bridge Shaped

You will need 3 books to hold your stubby holder together till it dries completely. How do you do that? Well, it is easy. Choose two similar sized books. Place them 10 cm apart. Now place a heavy book on top such that a little bridge shape is created. We will be using this little bridge to hold the stubby holder till it dries. All you will need to do is slide the stubby holder underneath this book bridge.

5. Tack Together

Tack Together

Bring the opposite ends of the neoprene together such that the two faces having glue on them are touching each other. Press each side of your neoprene rectangle together. Hold the stubby holder flat on a bench. Already tired? Well, however bored you feel, keep holding the neoprene together for the next step.

6. Slid Underneath The Bridge

Slid Underneath The Bridge

Place the tacked neoprene underneath the book bridge we create in step number 4. However tempted you feel, do not skip this step. This is important to hold the stubby holder together while the glue sets. Or else, your DIY stubby holder will explode open. Now that’s something you definitely don’t want to happen. Keep patience as your stubby holder is almost ready.

7. Time To Prepare The Base

Time To Prepare The Base

Cut a circular shape out of the foam or neoprene such that it fits as the base of your stubby holder. Apply glue to the edges of the neoprene or foam base. Make sure you smooth it out. You definitely don’t want to end up with a globby mess. Let the base sit for a while it gains a tack. Meanwhile, our stubby holder would also be drying underneath the book bridge.

8. Take The Stubby Holder Out

Take The Stubby Holder Out

Check your stubby holder to make sure the glue has fully cured. Be very gentle while pulling out the stubby holder from underneath the book bridge. You don’t want your stubby holder to explode open as soon as you take it out.

Place it on its top as we will insert the bottom in the next step.

9. Use Heat Tape To Give Your Stubby Holder Extra Strength

Use Heat Tape To Give Your Stubby Holder Extra Strength

The joint of the stubby holder needs extra support or it might explode open. You can seal the stubby holder joint with the help of heat tape. Apply it lengthwise. Use a hair iron or a regular iron for this purpose. The best is you use heat tape. It is easily available in art and craft supply stores like lincraft. We highly recommend this step to take away the stress from the glue and to keep your stubby holder tight together.

10. Add The Base

Add The Base

Check the base we had prepared in step number 7. Your base must be nice and tacky by the time. Check if it is ready to be added to your stubby holder. Ready? Now place the base in your stubby holder. Make sure you hold it tightly to give enough time and pressure to the glue to bond the stubby holder and base together.

11. Your Stubby Holder Is Ready

Stubby Holder is Ready

Your very own homemade stubby holder is ready. Don’t start using it immediately. Wait to let the stubby holder dry completely. Meanwhile, you can check some cool designs and messages to put on your stubby holder to personalize it. It could be your favorite quote, artwork, or special date that you can put on the stubby holder.

Loved the idea? Share with your family and friends. You can also reach out to experts like PrintYo to customise your stubby holders with your artwork, photograph, and text.


The process is very simple. All you need to do is first choose the stubby holder you like. Next, upload your artwork, image, or message. You can also reach out to the PrintYo design team to request assistance in designing a personalised stubby holder.

Proceed through checkout. You can place as many orders as you want. Whether you are looking to place just one order or considering corporate bulk orders, PrintYo accepts all order sizes. You can even choose same-day dispatch during the checkout. Complete your payment and you’re done! Your custom stubby holder will be with you shortly.

Custom Stubby

Custom Stubby Holder

PrintYo uses high-quality non-slip neoprene that gives stubby holders a firm grip. With the coolest designs and high functionality, you’ll surely love flaunting stubbies!