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Valentine Celebration Amid Pandemic: Aussie Couple Nurturing Love

By : Amelia Varley on Jan 25, 2022 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

We celebrated our love on valentine’s Day by sharing our hot chocolate shake in our own personalised couple mugs. Thanks to PrintYo for being the carrier of our love language even during a pandemic shutdown.  – Alysha, PrintYO Happy Customer

Mornings are usually full of activity in a household where both the partners are working. And, the storyline happens to be no different on a Sunday; all thanks to the pandemic shutdown. Last year, my husband and I were happy to notice that Valentine’s Day was falling on a Sunday. I still remember how excited we both were while making plans for our first V-Day together after marriage.   

Since everything was on a complete lockdown, we were pretty clear about the fact that we had to celebrate valentine’s inside this year. But, just like any new couple, we both also had planned some surprises for each other. Everything was perfectly planned and we were so excited to share this special day. It was around 8 AM on Valentines that my husband got a call from his best friend about the serious condition of his mother due to COVID, and he rushed to the hospital as fast as he could.   

I knew deep inside that our first Valentine’s will not go as we had planned. Nevermind, I picked up some office tasks to shift my mind from the sadness and just for the sake of productivity. The door rang when time turned noon, and I received some grocery items mainly ingredients of my favorite pasta recipe. It was the first time I smiled seeing my husband’s surprise plan for me. And, within half an hour, I got my personalised Valentine’s Gift from PrintYO which I ordered for my husband. I could sense the excitement flowing through me as soon as I opened the PrintYo Personalised parcel.   

I quickly started prepping my husband’s raw surprise and cooked delicious pasta for both of us. Set up the table and placed PrintYO’s personalised couple mug on it.

I already received a text from my husband reading he’s on his way, and will make up for the unfortunate change in our V plans. I replied nothing and when he arrived, he was overjoyed seeing how I managed to set up both of our Valentine’s surprises so nicely. We celebrated our love by sharing our hot chocolate shake in our personalised couple mugs followed by pasta. Haha!   

It was indeed the best Valentine’s we could’ve asked for. That too during the pandemic shutdown. Thanks to PrintYo for being the carrier of our love language. My husband still enjoys having his hot chocolate shake in PrintYO personalised mug daily. And, I still feel blessed to have two mugs in my kitchen that happened to be our love language not just for valentine’s but every single day.   


PrintYO’s ‘Celebration of Love’ is a series of happy customers and their stories of sharing love, care and, togetherness during the times of social distancing. This is the story of our happy customer, Client Name who had ordered PrintYO Personalised Couple Mugs for Valentine’s Day 2021.