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Top 10 best wedding giveaway ideas of 2024

By : Amelia Varley on Jan 08, 2024 | Reading Time: 9 minutes

It’s the most important day of your life. Your family and friends are here to celebrate your love. Emotions are running high. You are overwhelmed with the warmth, love, and positivity pouring in. You feel gratitude for all those who came from near and far-off places to be a part of your wedding day! You may show your gratitude with a wedding giveaway. 

The biggest fix among all the beautiful ceremonies of a wedding is the choice of giveaway presents. Couples often find themselves confused when narrowing down a unanimous gift to give all the different people they love so dearly. But that’s just it, isn’t it? Everyone is different, and you need to choose what appeals to a large demographic of people. 

The importance of wedding giveaway gifts

Wedding giveaways are an elegant and classic way to express your gratitude to all the people attending the most important day in your life. The wedding giveaway takes the place of a special memento at the end of all the ceremonies and they have the bride and groom’s names, wedding date etc. to make the gift memorable. 

Giveaways are a way to remind loved ones that despite a new union, they will not be forgotten and will always be remembered fondly. Thoughtful gifts will make guests feel special and ecstatic which helps to bond, and relations.

Thoughtful giveaway presents

What may or may not be considered thoughtful is a very thin line to tread. Each guest could have a completely different definition of thoughtful. Therefore, it is important to pick the right sentiment when trying to do something thoughtful. Personalised messages and giveaways are very elegant and impressive, it shows consideration and love. 

Thoughtful gifts could range from a specialized candle set to personalized brooches, or photos of fond memories in the form of fridge magnets. When picking a thoughtful giveaway idea or present, do think about what you would prefer if receiving a gift instead of sending one. 

Why give these trending giveaways?

Your wedding is one of those magical moments in your life where you want all your loved ones to be part of your celebration. Wedding giveaways are the tokens of love and appreciation that you express to your dear ones as they share your joy and celebrate your wedding.

It is a beautiful reminder for those attending your wedding of the good times they had as they celebrated your biggest day! You must make these memories etched in the minds of those family and friends who chose to be a part of your festivities and witness your beautiful union.

If you can’t decide on the right wedding giveaway for your near and dear ones, here are a bunch of wedding giveaway ideas that are meaningful and majestic!

1. Trendy custom face masks

When you are planning a wedding in the pandemic era, a customized and trendy face mask would be a thoughtful wedding giveaway idea. There are many modifications that you can make while getting a customized face mask as a wedding giveaway.

  • You may get name tags engraved on the mask so that you are easily recognizable even while wearing masks.
  • You may get fun, quirky tags printed on the face masks like “Sugar & Spice”, “Groom’s broom,” and the like.
  • To make it more unique, you may get personal messages on it for each of your guests to make them feel special.
  • How about getting a pic of you all together commemorating the wedding and printing it on the face mask!

Wedding giveaways with custom face masks make them more personal and memorable. Printyo makes customized face masks that would make a wonderful wedding giveaway idea!

2. Beautiful custom stubby holders

Weddings are times to get happy and drunk with your family and friends. When you love your ‘stubby”, then customized stubby holders can be a great wedding giveaway idea. 

  • Get creative with stubby holders, get personalized messages for your wedding guests with the Bride and Groom’s initials engraved on them.
  • Click a cool bridal shower pic with the bridesmaids and get these printed on the stubby holders – a memorable wedding giveaway for your girl gang!
  • Click a group wedding photo and get it printed on the stubby holders. Your guests would love and cherish these wedding giveaways.
  • You can even try the traditional wedding floral themes with the wedding date and the couple’s names printed on them. These would be perfect wedding giveaways for anyone and everyone who became a part of your big day.

Printyo makes amazing custom designs for your stubby holder wedding giveaways. Besides their eccentric designs, they are also known for their speedy dispatch and no minimum quantity orders.

3. Personalized mugs

Are you and your fiance coffee lovers? If yes, then an apt wedding giveaway idea would be personalized mugs. 

  • These are available in different shapes and sizes that you may choose from.
  • You may get a personalized message or a loving quote printed on these mugs.
  • You may even have your design with your names and wedding venue pic engrave to get this day forever etched in the memory of all your loved ones who spared times from their lives to make it up to your wedding!
  • If you have a pet together, then you may put their picture on the mug.
  • Couples also love to have a pre-wedding photoshoot and get some of those photographs printed on their personalized mugs.

When it comes to wedding giveaway ideas, personalized mugs do make a meaningful one that is useful, affordable yet personal, and cherishable. Printyo makes custom-designed mugs with personalized messages or pictures to show the wedding guests your appreciation for them.

4. Thick photo thank you magnets

When it comes to expressing your heartfelt gratitude to your wedding guests, a great wedding giveaway idea would be Thick Photo Thank You Magnets. These are sweet and beautiful reminders of your wedding. 

  • Have a loving photo of you and your fiance
  • Get it printed on a magnet
  • Engrave your initials with a short thank you note.

Small things matter most. This is one of the loveliest wedding giveaway ideas.

5. Matchbox favor labels


If you want to give something cute to the wedding guests, then Matchbox favor Labels are just perfect for You! Matchboxes always come in handy, and with a personalized message, these make a great wedding giveaway.

  • Get a short and sweet message printed on the matchboxes.
  • Do not forget to add your names or initials. 
  • These make wonderful wedding souvenirs.

Tiny and handy wedding giveaway ideas are perfect for couples who are fond of these collectibles.

6. Personalized key chains


Are you one of those couples who have each other’s initials or name as your key chain? Then one of the best wedding giveaway ideas would be personalized keychains.

  • You may opt for a simple thank-you keychain. 
  • Couples also go for a personalized engraved calendar key chain for their wedding guests.
  • Getting your names and wedding date engraved would be another nice option.
  • You may even have small personalized messages as key chains to let them feel more special.

Key chains are wonderful wedding giveaways that would always remind your wedding guests of all the memorable moments spent at your wedding.

 7. Moroccan style candle lanterns


 If you are fond of elegant exotic wedding giveaways, then the Moroccan-style candle lanterns are the perfect wedding giveaway idea for you.

  • Your guests would love these exotic lanterns, which are great for interior or outdoor decor. 
  • These are elegant and classy.
  • These are something unique to give your guests who would put these lanterns at their homes, bringing a part of the wedding cheer with them.
  • You can pair these lanterns with candles to make an excellent wedding giveaway.

Your wedding is special, so your wedding giveaway must be special as well. These Moroccan-style candle lanterns are striking wedding giveaways.

8. key bottle opener wedding party 


If you are one of those couples who love to give cute wedding souvenirs, a key bottle opener would be a perfect wedding giveaway.

  • These come with a pillow candy box along with copper keys tied beautifully with a ribbon.
  • These are tiny and elegant.
  • They are perfect for a wedding party.

If you want a wedding giveaway with a retro touch, a key bottle opener is a right choice.

9. Personalized champagne glass set

Weddings are special times of celebration, and what better way to celebrate than popping up champagne and getting personalized champagne glasses for your wedding guests.

  • These are super classy wedding giveaways.
  • Your guests will have them for a long time!
  • Whenever they celebrate, your champagne glasses will remind them of you and the amazing wedding party you had. Thus you will be a part of their future celebrations!

If you are looking for something fancy for your wedding giveaway ideas, then these champagne glasses are the ones for your guests!

10. Luxury scented soy jar candle


When you are thinking of simple and fragrant wedding giveaway ideas, then think no more! Luxury scented soy jar candles are perfect for showing your wedding guests your gratitude.

  • These are handcrafted, which makes them unique and special.
  • They are very fragrant and long-lasting. 
  • They are made of nutritional elements that are great for massages.
  • You may even reuse the ceramic container holding the candle for tea, coffee, or decoration purposes.

This is a very considerate wedding giveaway that is sure to soothe your wedding guests. Apart from this, you can also explore conference gift ideas.


A wedding is a special occasion for the bride and groom and those who come and celebrate their union. The wedding giveaway ideas must reflect the warmth and gratitude that the couple feels towards the near and dear ones who are happy. The wedding giveaways are a way for all those who became a part of your wonderful union to cherish the fond memories for a long time. These are sentimental gifts that speak of the personal bond between the guests and the couple. This is a sweet and meaningful way to express your happiness and gratitude to your near and dear ones. 

Make these wedding giveaways thoughtful and meaningful! Choose what suits you the best! You may customize all the gifts according to each of your wedding guests. Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime sort of affairs. These must be celebrated in the most wonderful way with your family and friends so that it is etched in their memories forever. Every guest would take fond and wonderful memories wrapped in the form of a special wedding giveaway!


Q1. What are the most important things in a wedding?

ANSWER: The most important things in a wedding are the special moments that the bride and the groom have with their families and friends. Food is one important part that makes a wedding memorable since be it a kid or an elderly, everyone enjoys festivities with amazing food. You may even have small jars with pastries, dry fruits, or puddings as special wedding giveaways for all your guests. This will enhance the wedding experience for you and your guests.

Q2. How do I personalize my wedding?

ANSWER: Every wedding must portray the style, taste, and values of the couples who are getting married. You may personalize your wedding by giving personal thank-you notes to every guest who becomes a part of your wedding. A thoughtful way of doing so would be getting personalized gifts like mugs or face masks for all your wedding guests. 

Q3. How can I make my wedding stand out?

ANSWER: Weddings are special in themselves. However, to make your wedding stand out from the crowd, you may give a personal touch to your celebrations. From writing your own vows to choosing your favorite flowers, weddings can be made a reflection of the bride and groom’s personal taste. You may even make your wedding a memorable one by giving personalized wedding giveaways like custom-made masks, stubby holders, or mugs for each and every one of your wedding guests. This would make the beautiful moments of your wedding etched in the minds of all for a very long time!

Q4: What can I put in small jars in a wedding?

ANSWER: Do you love small mason jars and wonder how to use these as a part of wedding giveaways? We have perfect ideas for you to put small wedding giveaways in the jars and make your guests happy. You may put different flavors of popcorns or fox nuts in small jars and give these as small treats to your wedding guests. You may even add cupcakes or mousses in the jars and let your wedding guests enjoy the desserts. If you love nature, you may want your wedding guests to have seedlings of your favourite flowering plants so that the plant grows as a testimony to your wedding union and love!