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Ordinary Stubby Holder Vs. Personalised Stubby Holder

By : Amelia Varley on Jan 05, 2022 | Reading Time: 4 minutes

When was the last time you visited the beachside and saw people enjoying a sunny day with a huge mug cum bottle in their hand? If you’re an Aussie then this must be a casual vision for you at the beachside. And, to be honest, most Australians love carrying personalised stubby holders with them. But if you are someone who is not aware of what a Stubby Holder is or where to buy stubby holder, then this blog is what you should definitely read without any skips! 

What is a Stubby Holder?

Stubby holder aka Ordinary Stubby holder is a household essential in Australia that has been used widely to keep beer chilled even in the hot Australia days. They’re made in such a way that people can carry them easily and are also quite comfortable in holding.  

History of Stubby Holder 

The concept of Stubby Holder came into picture in the early 1980s when people had the urge to carry water or beer with them. At that time either big clothes or polystyrene foams were used to made stubby holders, but they were not that efficient. With time, the evolution of stubby holders happened and nowadays they come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes as per the need.  

Pros & Cons of Ordinary Stubby Holder 

There’s no doubt that the popularity of stubby holders has made them a great deal for both ordinary Aussie people as well as businesses. But as everything has some advantages and disadvantages attached to it. Below enlisted are some of Ordinary Stubby Holders’ 


  • Less expensive in compare to Personalised Stubby Holders 
  • Easily available on shops and online stores 
  • Instant purchase and no much turnaround time 


  • No personalised choice options 
  • Ordinary purchase that is quite similar to everyone 
  • Close to NO creative 

What are Personalised Stubby Holder?

Till now, we have understood what a stubby holder is and in what ways it can be used. But, now here’s the fun part of making it more exciting and interesting. Can you guess what does it mean to customise your stubby holder? Well, customised stubby holder simply means to personalise your business or promote an event or a conclave by providing customised stubby coolers as drinks. Most of the businesses are proudly getting customised stubby holders for their clients, employees, and in-house usage.  

On the other hand, many people also love to play with their stubby holders by personalising them in a bit creative way. Either by putting a quote on it or getting your favorite picture printed on it; there are many ways to make your own personalised stubby holder. Just give it a thought, you will be carrying it with you almost every day so what better could be your way to tell the world that you own this custom stubby cooler.  

Pros & Cons of Personalised Stubby Holder 

Now that you have a good understanding of both: an Ordinary Stubby holder as well as Personalised/ Customised Stubby Holder. It’s time to make yourself aware of which one is superior to use on day-to-day basis. So, here we go! 


  • A personalised gift that can stay with you for a lifetime 
  • Great way to get advertising impressions 
  • Pocket-friendly stubby holder that is also a reminder of your most memorable time 
  • Large printing area means a win-win situation for businesses to print not only Logo or business name but their vision statement or any other message 
  • Inexpensive gifting and advertising material 


  • Bad investment if stubby holder material is not checked before purchasing 
  • Could be an expensive deal if not ordered in bulk 
  • Variation in artwork and printed stubby holder could ruin the fun 

Get your creative personalised stubby holder today! 

No matter whether you’re an Aussie business owner, a creative head, a beach lover, or a usual resident of Australia – STUBBY HOLDERS are literally an awesome investment for everyone out there. In case you wish to have a personalised stubby holder for yourself or to gift someone, then you can always count on printing & gifting experts who offer free artwork assistance and help you with the best output. Around 80% of Australians are already buying personalised stubby coolers by adding their creativity to them.  

Looking for Customised Stubby Holder? 

Oh! Are you a business or newly startup in Australia trying to uplevel your business branding game? Then, having your brand logo on trending stubby holders is a perfect way to make it happen that too without putting much burden on your pocket. Printing your business logo or name on a stubby holder and gifting it to your employees, staff, or clients is a great way to get advertising impressions from outside. And the best part is that expert printing houses like PrintYo are giving all the assistance along with next day dispatch alike benefits to businesses. Printyo also sell personalised drink bottles.

Final words

What is your stubby holder pick? Will it be an ordinary Stubby Holder without any stuff printed on it or a sweet memory of your loved one aka a personalised stubby holder? Tell us in the comments!