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6 Most Selling Personalised Mugs On Printyo

By : Amelia Varley on Jan 03, 2022 | Reading Time: 4 minutes

Love your coffee? Well, we all do! Coffee, tea, green tea, lemon tea- be it any beverage, a cute personalised mug definitely ramps up the experience. Take a wild guess what sells like hot cakes at PrintYo? Our personalised mugs! the ones crafted to be as unique as you. Here’s a quick roundabout of the best-selling personalised mugs on PrintYo.  

1. Coffee – Tea mug 11oz 

Coffee and tea are favourite beverages among most people, whether you link to drink them in the morning or evening. Tired, happy, bored, or gloomy- coffee is perfect for every mood! And the thing that adds to the joyous experience of drinking a coffee cuppa is the pleasure of sipping it hot from your own personalised mug. As such, the 11oz variety is one of the best-selling mugs at Printyo.  

You can put any design you want to on your mug so that it will be unique to you. That way, even if you take it to office, you will know exactly which one is yours. The designs can be as intricate as you want or as simple as you like.  

2. Personalised face design mug 

If you’re on the lookout for a gift, then a personalised face design mug is one of the best options. You can put the picture of the person you want to give it to, so they will have their own personalised cup to drink out of.  

Also, a personalised face design mug is popular among people who want to put their own faces on the mugs they use regularly. It is a quirky way of showing your fun side. You can also have fun with the design rather than just using your face.   

3. Personalised photo mug 

Another popular gift option is a personalised photo mug. Around Christmas time, people can put their own faces in Santa hats and personalise the mugs that are to be gifted. Another popular option is to print a newborn baby’s face on the coffee mug and add it to the Christmas gifts they hand out to their families.  

A personalised photo mug can also be used by companies. They can print their logos on the mugs which can then be used around the office. Also, companies can distribute these branded mugs to potential customers at trade fairs or similar locations rather than go with the boring old set of a notepad and pen.  

4. Black Inside Mug 11oz 

A popular type of coffee mug that people tend to purchase is the one which is coloured black on the inside. Typically, the outer colour is usually white. This particular combination is a rage as it offers the chance to customise with ease.  

With a mug that is black inside with a contrasting outer colour, you can personalise it without too much of a hassle. Whether it is picture or company logos, they tend to look good and professional too.  

5. Black Magic Mug 

Magic mugs are a popular item too, considering they live up their name. Initially, the mugs are usually black in colour. When you pour hot liquid in these mugs, the picture printed on the mug will then show itself.  

If you want to impress someone, a black magic mug is the best way to do it. You can get a custom printed mug with the picture of your choice and gift it to people. It need not be a picture of a person. It can be any design of your choice too. 

6. Personalised Signature Mug

A personalized signature on the ceramic mug is a great gift for all your corporate club! You can print your signature, or your email signature on the mug and gift it to your corporate clang or office team.

Personalized signature mugs can now be personalized with your initials, business name, logo, etc.

You can choose the text colour as per your choice. 

You can let us know what colour you prefer. We will make sure to meet your needs! 

Highlighting the name or the brand will give you a good brand promotion as well.

Printed to our high standards on quality bright white ceramic 11-oz mugs.

These personalised signature mugs are great statement mugs for the workplace.