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7 Best Face Masks For Covid Safety

By : Amelia Varley on Jan 10, 2022 | Reading Time: 5 minutes

With a raging pandemic all over the world, it is very important that everyone wears a mask when they go out or are in a group. While the mask can be bland, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Rather, you can wear one that suits your personality and also fits in with your fashion choices.  

You can get customised face masks on which you can have your own design. Whether you would want a picture on it or something more artistic, the choice is completely up to you. There are a variety of masks for you to choose from as well.  

1. Comfort Hexa Cotton Mask 

This particular mask is primarily made of cotton and can be very comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. It is one of the best usable face masks for covid and will help protect yourself from getting the disease.  

Additionally, the initial design is such that it is easier for you to customise it. If you have any artwork that you want to show off on your mask, then this is the perfect mask for you. Also, these masks can be used for corporate branding. You can print your company’s logo on the mask and use it at networking events or even give it to your employees. This way, you would not only be ensuring the safety of people, but also spreading awareness about your company.  

2. Valentine Heart Washable Face Mask with Carbon Filter

Valentine’s Day is a very special day for almost every couple. You would be thinking of ways to surprise your significant other and show them how much they mean to you and how happy you are to have them in your life. Traditionally, partners get each other flowers and chocolates. But how about you do something unique instead? 

For instance, you can get matching personalised face masks for both of you to use. Considering that you would be wearing a mask almost every time you step out of the house, what better way to show that you love someone than by having their picture on your face? Also, you can get both your pictures on it, so you can even use any of your favourite pictures of the two of you together. It would be the best Valentine’s Day gift, given the current circumstances around the world.  

3. Cat Lover Face Mask

Cats are the most adorable pets. If you have one, you will know that it is a very interesting animal that does its own thing. It is no wonder that the internet is filled with videos and pictures of cats doing crazy things. It is simply impossible to not fall in love with them.  

How about you show how much you love your cat by putting its picture on your reusable face masks? You can customise these cotton face masks in any design you want. This means you can have one large picture of your cat or multiple smaller pictures of your cat in various poses. If you have more than one cat, then you can plaster all their pictures on your mask in a way that it looks tasteful and fashionable. You could also dedicate a separate mask for each cat as well! 

4. Women Washable Face Mask with Carbon Filter 

 Sometimes you want to dedicate important bits of your life to the people that are in your life. Women certainly deserve a lot of praise for all the work they do to help each other out. If you have a woman in your life that you have immense respect for and want to show your affection, what better way than to customise the safest mask for covid with their picture? This way, you can celebrate Women’s Day in the perfect way possible. 

You will not have to worry about how the design would look on the mask. You can come up with your design and have the mask customised to exactly how you want it to be. The end product will certainly match your fashion choices. It will not look out of place but at the same time draws the attention of people around you.  

5. Cute Mother’s Day Face Mask 

Mothers are a gift to the world. We are all grateful to have them in our lives. Is there a better way to show your mother how much you love her than by customising your face mask with her picture? You can celebrate Mother’s Day by having a mask this is customised with a picture of both of you together. 

Not only does it show the world how much you love your mother, but the picture you choose will remind you constantly of the good and precious times you have had with her. You can even gift one of the customised face masks to your mother as well! 

6. Customised School Face Mask

In these pandemic times, it is necessary that everyone wears a mask so that they can protect themselves from getting covid. It is possible that some students may not want to wear masks. But it is up to the teachers to ensure that everyone wears their mask, especially when they are at school so that everyone remains safe.  

To persuade them to wear the masks, you can get personalised face masks made for them. The students can choose the picture they want to have or the artwork of their choice. This way, they will be more amenable to wearing the masks. 

7. Washable Face Masks

Most reusable face masks come in boring colours such as white or grey. Instead, what if you could customise your mask so that you can have your own unique design? This way, you will not only be wearing a drab mask but something that will make you stand out in the crowd. 

The design can be anything you want, starting from your own picture or any artwork that you may have in mind. You can wear them every day or you can use them only at parties, but you will always be the one with the quirky and stylish mask.