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List Of Best Personalised Party Favors

By : Sam Singh on Jun 18, 2021 | Reading Time: 7 minutes

Personalised party favors are the gifts that are given to the guest, for attending the party, function, ceremony, or any kind of event. A variety of personalised gifts can be made since it offers the flexibility to print any artwork on the things you like. The demand for personalised essentials is increasing as they are getting more creative and beautiful, providing a touch of uniqueness to each party’s favor.

Personalised gifts are the perfect way to convert mundane, usual gifts into something memorable and unique. It is a gift that is given as a token of love, respect, or gratitude. With special prints and images on gifts, you can make sure that whenever people see or use your gift, they will be reminded of you. With these party favors, you can show the people around you that you appreciate their presence. Personalised party favours make any occasional gift more special. 

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List of top 10 personalised party favours

1. Customised stubby holders


Personalized attractive stubby holders, stubby coolers, can coolers or beer holders. No matter what you call them, stubby holders are the best things when it comes to a fun and exciting party! Imagine using your stubby holder to hold a cold can of beer while conversing with your friends at the party. The personalised look of the holder not only adds to the vibe of the party but also allows your to carry this memorable party favour home.

Stubby holders can be customised for personal use also, it is a perfect gift for any occasion. Imagine the delight of the people that you gift the stubby holder with personalized quotes and images. Each element of the party favour will showcase your bond with them while also expressing your individuality. 

2. Personalised pens

Personalised Engraved Pen

A pen can be a useful gift, it is one of the things that we operate daily. Personalised pens make emotional attachment by adding value to the gift. A regular pen with someone’s name printed on it can add value to the gift as they might remember you every time they use it. Such party favors are not just useful but are also close to the heart of the receiver. 

Personalised pens are another beautiful creation that you should consider giving your guests and friends. Party favors such as this one allow your guests to use them during the party for any game and even carry them home to be used until the ink runs out. No matter the case, the personalised look of the pen will surely be carried on even after the ink is out!

3. Personalised socks

Personalised Socks

You can use personalised socks to gift with different novelties. Add your personal charm to a pair of socks with different themes. Cute personalised socks can be a perfect baby shower gift. Whatever you print on the socks, it always looks fashionable. The personalisation not only increases the beauty of the socks but it also shows your caring and affection for the person you give them to. 

4. Personalised face masks

Personalised Cool Reusable Face Mask

Face masks are an essential part of the new normal.  What can be more interesting than having a customised mask during a party to wear and take home right after? While these are not that common in the traditional list of personalised party favors, the current situation forces us to adapt to it. 

But who said we cannot have fun with some of these essentials? Decorated and personalised face masks call for great pictures and loving memorabilia of the party. It will allow the receivers to look back at these years with a twinge of nostalgia.

5. Personalised mugs

Personalsied Mugs

Gifting a mug never goes out of style. So this time let’s make it stylish! Why not change its look? Nothing is more beautiful than drinking coffee/tea in the morning in the mug, with your favourite picture printed on it. 

Mugs are typical gifts as almost everyone likes to drink beverages. But now these typical, boring mugs can be printed with pretty artwork and pictures to make them look distinct. 

Printing pictures as a memory on the cup increases the value of the personalized mug as a gift. Imagine each time whenever the person would use the mug, the picture would remind them of you. 

6. Handmade personalized soaps

Handmade Personalised Soap

Nothing is better than a handmade object created with love, joy and care. Handmade soaps are getting famous these days as they can be gifted to your loved ones for all the caring and support. Soaps are one of the beauty commodities that we use on a daily basis. These soaps can be personalized to make them look more pretty, memorable and attractive.

Personalized handmade soaps can be a charming party favor. Personalized soap made with love, care and affection enhances the gift’s value. The best part is that the soap does not have to be used, but can simply be kept as a decorative piece near the basin.

7. Personalised pencil case

Personalised Pencil Case

A common gift, which can be made unique and stylish is a personalised pencil case. A pencil case is used by students every day, not only students, even some of the adults like to use pencil cases. So it might be a gift, which you would like to give to your classmate, friend or colleague. It’s a perfect gift you can give to school students. You can print the pictures of their favourite characters or shows. Inspirational quotes work wonders for students as well.  

Design your pencil case before gifting it to someone else, or you may create a lovely pencil case for yourself. These are a lovely option for any party which calls for a get-together among teens and young kids. 

8. Personalised pencil sets

Personalised Pencils set

Another personalised party favor that is observed at various educational NGOs and charity events is the pencil set. Personalized pencil sets are created to promote the cause of the event it can be a social event, educational event, business event, political event, etc. Personalized pencil sets are printed with the slogan and symbol of the event to increase their marketing. You can even choose to emboss the name of the receiver on the pencil sets to make them feel special and appreciated.

And personalised pencil sets for the little one’s birthday will be a whole new hit at the party! The thought of a kid who is excitedly opening their party favour just to see their name embossed on the pencil set will surely add a personal touch not only to the gift, but the party as well!

You can also design your pencil set, to make it look more magnificent and special. Or gift a pencil set to someone printed with their favourite pictures on it.

9. Personalised business card holders

Personalized Business Card Holder

Giving personalised business card holders to your employees and coworkers can be a classy way to say thank you for serving and supporting the company. Many companies, business firms provide personalised business card holders to promote the marketing of their business. It is one of the most affordable personalised party favour.

A personalised business card holder is a perfect gift for any man. You could customise business card holders by printing pictures on them. Make them look professional or give them a classy look; printed business card holders always look stunning. A business card holder is rather a thoughtful gift and personalized card holders look more beautiful due to the art printed on it, which has many emotions attached. 

10. Personalised chocolate bar

Personalised Chocolate Bars

Who doesn’t like chocolates? Chocolates are evergreen gifts that are perfectly suited for any occasion. Let’s make the boring look of delicious chocolates turn into a fascinating look. Personalise your chocolate bar according to your wishes. You can add names of the receiver, special decorative items for children, and even special goodies hidden inside chocolates.

Chocolate can be gifted to anyone you like; it might be your friends, relatives, family, colleagues, partner, boss. Everyone has a special role in your life. So next time just don’t give them simple chocolates, make them feel special by gifting personalised chocolates.

11. Custom Stainless Steel Bottle


A custom steel bottle is one more great option to gift to your employees and coworkers to say thank you in a more unique way. At the same time, you can do branding of your company by using custom printed stainless steel bottles.

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