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How To Make Stickers To Sell

By : Amelia Varley on May 30, 2022 | Reading Time: 6 minutes

Do you remember the time when as a kid you used to collect more and more stickers to put on your pencil boxes or binders? Stickers are one of the awesome things each one of us has collected in childhood. There are many sticker shops that sell some great sticker designs for putting on cars, laptops, backpacks or refrigerators, to name a few. 

The sticker industry is growing strong with more and more individuals getting into the business of selling physical stickers or digital stickers. Stickers are currently one of the trending items available in the online market arena with new shops being added every day that curate amazing stickers to sell. The price of the stickers is very economical; thus, every individual can think of buying the vinyl stickers or custom stickers. 

If you’re feeling creative, why not take it a step further and design your own stickers? Many sticker shops offer customization options, allowing you to express your unique style and preferences. This adds a personal touch to your collection and sets your stickers apart.

Unlike the stickers we used to get as freebies during our childhood, the companies in the sticker businesses these days make stickers to sell that are high in quality and are unique pieces of art. 

An insight into the booming sticker industry 

The business of selling stickers has gained great popularity and has taken the top place among the biggest and fastest-growing businesses in 2021. It is projected that the sticker business will reach an eye-watering level of 59.2 billion USD by the time we enter 2025 from 46.5 billion USD where it was standing in 2020.

This is the reason for more and more sticker makers entering the market to make some serious cash while doing some creative and fun things. From the above-stated figures, it is clear there is a huge demand for stickers and they are sold at a good margin on websites such as Etsy shop. Yes, there are various companies that print custom stickers

Are you also thinking of selling stickers online? Well, if you are thinking of owning a sticker shop, we are totally with you and got you covered in this post with every aspect of the sticker business. 

You can either go for a full set up or even choose to outsource sticker making. 

Different kinds of stickers to sell 

The sticker selling business is all about making, printing and selling stickers in different varieties, cuts and finishes. Before opening an online store or selling physical stickers, it is important to decide the kinds of stickers you will be dealing in. 

Here are the two cuts for stickers which are widely used: 

Kiss cut 

These cut stickers are made by cutting the top layer of the sticker and retaining the backing paper. Thus, when custom-printed stickers are removed, a border and the paper backing remain on the sheet. This technique can be used for making sticker sheets containing various designs. 

Die Cut 

In this type of cut, the sticker material, as well as the paper backing, are cut in the same shape. These die-cut stickers are simple stickers in the shape of a circle or a square or complex ones in the form of an octopus. 

A look at types of sticker finishes 

The look and feel of the sticker depend upon the material used for printing stickers. The different materials give different finishes. For instance, a matte finish is perfect if you are looking for fine details, whereas bold designs will look good on holographic stickers. 

Let’s take a look at the popular finishes available for printing stickers: 

  • Vinyl finish 
  • Matte finish 
  • Holographic 
  • Prismatic 
  • Clear 
  • Holographic glitter 
  • Mirrored 

How to design stickers to sell 

The hardest part in creating stickers is deciding what exactly the stickers will look like. There is a huge possibility and this is the reason the first challenge is about narrowing down the style and kind of stickers and then figuring out ways for optimizing them. 

Let’s explore the steps that can be used in designing the stickers to sell: 

Finding the niche 

With so many sticker sellers out there, it is essential to discover your unique aesthetic before creating your own custom stickers. You can make and sell stickers that are full of positive vibes or carry inspirational quotes. Thus, when you create money selling stickers, make sure to think about what you like to draw and create and what goes well with your personality and identity.  

If you are selling digital stickers, ensure that the niche you choose is not very small as a small niche means only a small pool of customers. You can take inspiration from different sellers at the Etsy sticker shop but never copy the work. 

Create your piece of art 

Sticker making is not child’s play even though these are loved the most by them. You may use an iPad or some digital art apps or programs or certain free tools for making stickers. Even the non-digital art pieces can be scanned into the computer program to create stickers.  

The word of caution here is that the art chosen for developing into stickers should be at least the size of the final sticker where it is being planned for printing. Also, in case the stickers are in some irregular shape, it is important to use the printer or the cutting machine for cutting the edges of the sticker. 

How to print stickers to sell 

The sticker store makes use of several methods to create good sticker quality. Before you start selling custom stickers, it is important to decide the approach for sticker printing. The sticker shops operate alongside print on demand companies which work in the form of printing stickers to sell. 

Let’s explore different methods of printing stickers: 

Printing stickers using Cricut machine 

To sell stickers, it is important to print stickers using the right set of equipment, namely a sticker printer. One such piece of equipment is the Cricut machine which is similar to a primer comprising of a blade which is capable of cutting the precise designs out of materials such as paper.  

You also need access to adhesive sticker paper, which can be purchased from craft stores, office supply stores and online retailers. 

Using vendor services for sticker printing 

If you want to get stickers professionally printed, you can even hire the services of an outside vendor such as PrintYo. They can help print any type of stickers, be it custom vinyl stickers, logo stickers, etc. All you need to do is to upload the artwork or the sticker design or sticker templates and the company will then print, cut and ship the finished stickers. If you are doing high volume orders in terms of sticker packs, and can’t purchase the cutting machine, then outsourcing seems to be the best way out.  

So many sticker shops are making use of this method for printing planner stickers. 

Get your custom stickers printed from Printyo 

Print-on-demand drop shipping

Embrace the inventory-free model of drop shipping, allowing you to dedicate efforts to marketing via your online store.

The forthcoming surge in the digital printing sector, expected to reach $34 billion by 2025, unveils a lucrative opportunity says –Bebee report

This avenue holds substantial promise, particularly for those envisioning online sticker sales.

This method of printing for selling stickers online uses print-on-demand drop shipping. Here, apps allow you to upload sticker ideas or pre-made sticker designs and then take care of everything from cutting to printing to shipping labels.  

This method takes care of a lot of things but gives you less control as the stickers created as the finished products are not seen by you. The stickers’ cost is a little on the higher side in this method. 

Summing up 

Stickers come with an endless number of possibilities. Any piece of art you see, be it a scripted letter, an illustration, a picture- all can be converted into a sticker. For the artists or graphic designers out there, turning creativity into stickers to sell is quite a simple process. If you are a novice in this field, this piece can help in freeing up the limiting factor of creativity.