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How To Make Customised Stickers At Home

By : Amelia Varley on Apr 13, 2022 | Reading Time: 4 minutes

If you look around, these days you find most products have customised stickers. People are using cute stickers on their favourite products to show their personality to the outside world. You can get in on the trend too, with your own personalised stickers.

You can put stickers on almost anything, ranging from mugs to cars. If you own a business, you can have your customised sticker on the storefront to attract customers. There is really no limit to how you can use these stickers.


Benefits Of Stickers

One major benefit with customised stickers is their cost. They don’t cost as much as you would have to spend on calendars or other products to promote your product. You can just slap these stickers on any item, and they’ll stay on them for a long time.

Customised stickers make for great marketing tools. You can put them on mugs, notebooks and bags and use them to promote your business. It is a lot less expensive and at the same time has the capacity to reach a larger audience. Having designer and custom printed stickers on your storefront also captures the attention of your customers. They’ll want to see what trendy products you have on offer and walk into your store.

The benefit of custom printed stickers is you can change your design to suit your needs. If you’re launching a campaign for a particular product, you can design your stickers to match that. You also don’t have to worry about wastage. When you put a sticker on something, it stays there for a really long time. Essentially, it will keep promoting your product long after you’ve forgotten about it.

Personalised stickers need not be all about corporate benefits either. You can use these stickers for your own use. For instance, if you take a mug to work, you might want to keep other people from using it. The best way to do that is add a personalised sticker that differentiates your mug from the rest of the office.

Similarly, you can use personalised stickers in gift giving. If you’re not keen on giving any of the mass-produced goods as a gift to a friend or relative, custom printed stickers are the best option. They make your gift unique as you’ll be in charge of the design. Taking the example of a mug again, you can personalise it for your loved one by plastering a custom sticker based on their interests all over it. They’ll love that you’ve thought about the gift and that you what they’re interested in.

The best part about customised stickers is that they’re easy to make. You would just need to figure out the design and the rest can be taken care of by companies that specialise in printing and delivering customised gifts. But, before we start learning to make stickers, if you already used them somewhere then you can learn How To Remove Sticker Residue.

How To Make Stickers

To make personalised stickers, there are essentially four different types of sticker paper that you can choose from. These include matte, opaque glossy, clear glossy and vinyl. Both types of glossy stickers are usually the most preferred ones, as they make for professional looking labels. But if you want your sticker to be waterproof, then you choose the vinyl paper. If you’re looking for the most economic option, matte paper is what you want, although there are not many great applications for it.

Matte sticker paper is mostly used for shipping labels. This is mainly because matte paper absorbs a lot of the ink, and the design may not come out as you desire. Most of the time, the image may end up looking faded. You may want to consider other options before you choose matte paper for your stickers, especially if they’re going to be used for decorative purposes.

Where to get it: Matte Sticker Paper

Glossy sticker paper is more conducive for whatever designs you may have in mind. These type of stickers come out exactly in the colour you want them to be. Since the paper does not absorb the ink, your stickers will be bright and vibrant. Glossy stickers are also water resistant.

Where to get it: Glossy sticker paper

Opaque glossy stickers are mainly used for decals, decorative labels and as party favour stickers. The clear glossy stickers are used as labels for clear bottles, such as for your kitchen pantry. If you need stickers that will allow you to still see what’s inside a container, clear glossy stickers are your best option. They are also used in planners as they don’t interfere with the grids.

Vinyl sticker paper can be used for almost any application. Its only real drawback is that it’s a very expensive paper. Vinyl paper is completely waterproof and is the highest quality possible for your stickers. Most decals are made of vinyl paper. Car bumper stickers and promotional stickers are also usually made from vinyl paper.

Where to get it: Vinyl Stickers

You can choose the kind of sticker paper you want to use before sending it off to print. Glossy sticker paper is the more popular type for homemade stickers. If you don’t find your stickers glossy enough, you can put a layer of packing tape on it. It will give your stickers extra gloss.


Customised stickers can be one of the best ways to promote your product or as a personalised gift for a loved one. Choose your design and slap these stickers on any product. You can use them to make your products stand out in the crowd!