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5 Welcome Gifts For Your New Employees

By : Amelia Varley on Oct 31, 2022 | Reading Time: 5 minutes

When was the last time a welcome package for new employees was sent to you? Was it memorable? Did you use any of the supplies that were given to you?

Some brands do it correctly. Their welcome packages for new employees are filled with distinctive, high-quality products that prove useful and make their new workers feel appreciated.

However, in actuality, many brands sell disposable items that are seldom used.

We’ll provide a few examples of creative new employee welcome package ideas that your recruit won’t soon forget to assist you in avoiding making this error. But first, let’s discuss some of the themes most frequently seen in welcome kits.

1. A Customised welcome letter

A customised welcome message makes the first day of work more personal. It does not need to be lengthy. It is sufficient to send a brief message expressing delight over the new hire. Another option is a postcard with a team photo and greetings from the other team members. Alternatively, it can be a remark scrawled on the group’s whiteboard.

Being made to feel at home by the management and the team contributes to a positive initial impression of the business, which is critical to increasing recruit retention. Some companies claim that having a solid onboarding procedure raised recruit retention rates by 52%.

Given that they are simple to write, inexpensive, and favorable to your new hires’ experience, welcome notes are a great addition to your welcome gift.

2. Office equipment

The most fundamental but crucial component of the welcome kit for desk professionals, whether they operate remotely or in the workplace, is office supplies.

To make their first day at work simpler, give your new staff some office items, such as:

  • Notepads and customised notebooks
  • Pens, markers, highlighters
  • Notes on Post-it
  • box for office storage
  • Customised Business cards, envelopes, and folders
  • Paperclips, scissors, and staplers
  • Cleaning package for the office, including wipes, screen and desk spray, hand sanitizer, and cleaning gel

Concentrate on providing the required materials to prevent needlessly cluttering your employees’ workstations.

3. Customised Branded business swag

Welcome gifts with a corporate logo are trendy. From the beginning of an employee’s experience with your company, they aid in cultivating a sense of connection, pride, and belonging with your organization.

Here are a few concepts for branded giveaways:

Corporate Logo Stainless Steel Bottle 750ml

Corporate Logo Mouse Pad

Coffee tea mug

By having the names of the employees engraved on the welcome presents, you may make them more memorable.

4. New employee information folder

You may immediately let recruits know what they need to know by giving them a welcome information package. Expectations may be set and managed, establishing the tone for a positive working relationship.

New hires will like having quick access to information about the business they’ve just joined.

  • Message sent to new hires, copied
  • CEO welcoming message
  • Forms and paperwork
  • Structure of an organization
  • Worksheet for personal data
  • Retirement and Insurance
  • HR and other departments’ phone numbers
  • survey before onboarding

Including details regarding the corporate culture is also beneficial:

  • How workers interact with one another.
  • How the business marks successes and significant anniversaries.
  • How the management rewards and acknowledges performers.

5. Office supplies

The life of desk workers may be easier and more enjoyable with various devices and accessories, whether located in an office or working remotely. A few suggestions are provided below.

  • Wireless Mouse

A wireless mouse is a thoughtful present for newly recruited employees who often use their computers for work, such as engineers, architects, graphic designers, and artists. Because it is more compact, portable, and takes up less room on the table or desk, it is simpler to use.

  • Blue-light glasses

For remote employees, blue light spectacles are a thoughtful present. They are excellent for those like web designers and software engineers who spend a lot of time in front of a computer.

Blue light glasses relieve eye strain and discomfort, reducing headaches and impaired vision.

  • Laptop microphone

A laptop microphone can also be a thoughtful gift for remote workers. A good laptop microphone generates outstanding sound when doing virtual presentations, holding online meetings, and receiving calls.

  • Laptop stand

A laptop stand makes it ergonomic and pleasant to lift your laptop, easing neck strain and fostering good posture. Many of them are simple to fold flat for storage and transportation.

  • Monitor stand

A monitor stand will be valued by new employees who want to multitask with two screens, similar to how a laptop stand is. You may set up your display in a way that won’t strain your neck and promotes good posture.

  • USB drive

Many workers believe that USB drives are the ideal mix of an economical, practical, and memorable welcome present.

People frequently access the information they desire to keep safe, secret, and inaccessible. Additionally, they would choose to keep it digital than paper.

An excellent physical technique to protect information is via USB flash drives. Additionally, they don’t need an internet connection, which is perfect for professionals who frequently travel and occasionally run into network issues.

  • Customised Mousepad

customised mouse pad is a fantastic addition if your staff members prefer standing workstations at home or at work. It offers  support and comfort so that workers may stand for more extended periods and experience fewer pains on hand which leads to increased productivity.

customised mousepad

  • A comfortable keyboard

You may give new workers an ergonomic keyboard as a welcome present. It’s perfect for folks who are worried about their posture or have arm, wrist, or shoulder problems.

An ideal work-from-home or in-office configuration includes an ergonomic keyboard and a wireless or ergonomic mouse.

To conclude:

You don’t require a considerable expense to greet your new staff memorably. A personal touch and offering them something that could enhance their day-to-day experience at work go a long way.