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Download 38 FREE Printable Calendar Templates for 2024 (with Working Files)

By : Amelia Varley on Jan 03, 2024 | Reading Time: 9 minutes

We need calendars—be it for scheduling your week, making plans or just to get a grip on the day.

Calendars have become a part of our life that we can’t do without it.

We hang calendars at prominent places, keep it on our desks or even have a small calendar handy to carry with us.

Nowadays, calendars have become more than just a necessity.

You can use it to spruce up your place with the cool designs and pictures that come with the calendars!

At Printyo, we have taken calendar printing up a notch. Our designers have come with several amazing calendar templates for the new year 2024.

It’s a mix of themes that can be used for professional and personal purposes. The best part is that you can download these calendar templates 2024 for FREE!

The year 2020 has proven uneventful for many. Which is why we need to welcome 2024 in the grandest way possible!

Download these calendar templates for 2024, print them and use it to adorn your space.

Download FREE Printable Calendar Templates for 2024

With our free calendar templates for 2024, you don’t have to spend a single penny on designing it! You have 38 fantastic calendar templates to choose from.

Download all 38 Calendar Templates for 2024

You just have to make a few tweaks to include the details you want and print the calendar on good quality material. Your calendar will be ready to use on the first day of 2024.

Table of Contents:

1. Printable Calendar Templates
2. Download Desk Calendars
3. Download Wall Calendars
4. Download Single Sheet Calendars
5. Download Booklet Calendars
6. Download Magnet Calendars

38 Printable Calendars Templates for 2024 Based on Different Types

In this blog, we will see the best selection of 2024 calendar templates that you can download for free.

Have specific ideas of where and how to use these printed calendars?

Then, head on to that category and download your choice of calendar templates 2024.

Desk Calendars to Grace Your Working Space

These are also called tent calendars, which you can typically find on office desks.

Your working space definitely needs a calendar to turn to for quick references and also to add a little colour to the otherwise mundane space.

The best part is that you can add your own customizations to the calendar for several business purposes like:

  • Your employees can use these customized calendars in their office desks.
  • You can give out these calendars to your investors, customers and suppliers to mark the occasion of the new year 2024.
  • You can give these calendars to your prospects as a part of your marketing strategy.

There are several other ways you can use such a promotional calendar to boost your business.

We have several designs for desk calendars.

If you are someone who wants to keep it mellow, then here are few calendar templates to consider.

If you like the calendars with ‘Note’ options on it, then here are few more choices with bigger and brighter themes.

Sometimes, the same old white backgrounds in calendars can seem boring. So if you want to try something different but still keep it as professional as possible, then this calendar template with the dark blue background is absolutely the best choice.

You can customize the images above with your choice of business images or even add images of motivational quotes to keep it minimal.

Apart from these, there are a few more calendar templates for desk calendars that have more options of customizations like including the contact details and business information. These are calendars that are best to give to prospects.

In all of these templates, you can change the images if you want or keep it as it is too. It’s totally up to your discretion.

If you have some great promotional images that are more about the experience of your brand than about the product itself, then those would look perfect on these desk calendars.

Wall Calendars That Doubles as a Decor

When it comes to wall calendars, the design of the calendar is also important. The calendar should sit well with the wall colours and the other decors in your room. Else, it would look odd and out of place. Don’t worry. We have several wall calendar templates for 2024 to choose from.

Since these templates are completely free, you can print a bunch of them, place them on the wall and see if it looks well. Here are some cool wall calendars to hang at your home.

If you want some fun-looking wall calendars to add to your kid’s room, we have so many templates for you to choose from!


Here’s a special calendar to preserve memories. You can customize this template with your photo, wedding date and maybe a few quotes to remember your wedding day! It can also be given as a gift to someone!

12 different images can be added for 12 months and love quotes can be added in the notes section. This calendar will become a permanent addition to your house even after 2024!

If you are looking for wall calendars for business purposes, we have several options, which you can customize with your logo and business name. Giving out merchandise during the special event like New Year will help you get closer to your customers. Since wall calendars hang for the entire 12 months, you will never leave the minds of the people!

But keep in mind that businesses may get many such items on New Year. If you want to make sure that your marketing gift counts, then an attractive design is needed. Don’t go overboard with your brand marketing in such calendars if you want the customers to hang it on their walls. Keep it subtle.

You can add your brand name, contact details and logo. You can maybe specify a line about your products. But don’t clutter and over-include so many details about your business that the person would feel embarrassed to use it.

To avoid any such confusions, we have created simple wall calendar templates with just enough space to add business name, logo, tagline, images and a few product names without seeming too imposing.

You can directly download these templates and just add your details and print them directly. Isn’t there any other cost-effective marketing gift than this?

The above one is best if you want to avoid any confusions about choosing the images. This is straightforward, simple and something you can imagine hanging around in an office. If you are open to adding images, then here are a few more options.

Single Sheet Calendars for a Quick View

Single sheet calendars have multi-purpose uses. You can stick it on walls, doors, tables or any other place you want. Or, you can even paste it to your books or keep in your bag to open up, refer and make notes. There are so many things you could do with a single sheet calendar.

We have colourful single sheet calendar templates for 2024 that you can use for personal purposes and official purposes. Let’s first see some single sheet templates for personal uses.

The below calendar template would be a great addition for your kid’s room, especially if your kid loves space stuff. With some cartoons and space designs, your kid will jump up with happiness on seeing this calendar inside the room!

When it comes to business marketing, single sheet calendars have lots of advantages. You don’t need to spend too much money on the printing costs, you can carry it around easier than the other types of calendars and the people you give it to also have many options to use it.

Our single sheet calendar templates are easily customizable with your logo, brand name and business information.

Booklet Calendars

Many businesses prefer booklet calendars as marketing collateral because you have so much space to talk about your business. Some even combine the product booklets with booklet calendars and give it away as promotional material on the New Year.

These are great marketing gifts and have better chances to make an impact than the typical booklets or brochures.

You even add your business holidays, working hours and other annual events on the calendar too.

Magnet Calendars for a Charming Gift

When you think of calendars as marketing collaterals, not many think of magnet calendars. This is why giving a magnet calendar will impress your customers and stakeholders.

These magnet calendars have more purposes than just referring dates. Many use it as magnetic paperweights or to hold papers and notes on magnetic boards.

Your marketing gift will actually be used when you give a magnetic calendar! Magnetic calendars look the best when it’s bright, attractive and calls attention. We have some cool magnetic calendar templates for 2024.


It would be a great addition to any office space, especially during discussions on boards. Download these amazing templates and get them printed soon.

If you are looking for good printing services to get your calendar printed at affordable rates, look no further than Printyo! We are Australia’s leading printing company specialized in various marketing collaterals. You can print a single calendar or hundreds or thousands of calendars as you wish.

We use high-quality paper with gloss or matte cover lamination to make the calendar look as good as new even when it’s December! Call us now at 0386579428 to get more details or head to our Calendar Printing section to place your order.

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