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Download 21 Business Card Templates for FREE (with printable files)

By : Sam Singh on Jun 18, 2021 | Reading Time: 7 minutes

Every professional needs a decent business card. It doesn’t matter what your position or industry is. You never know when you need to whip out your business card and give it to someone enquiring about you. Gone are those days when business cards are fully white and look boring. We have various business card templates at Printyo that are colourful, attractive and an absolute eye-candy!

No matter if you are an entrepreneur, freelancer or a salaried employee, we have so many business templates that make you memorable! You can tweak our templates according to any design you want, add extra fun elements and customize it and make it look just like you have envisioned.

Let’s dive in and have a look.

Download Free Business Card Design Templates and Fashion Your Identity

All of these design templates are free to download and personalize. You can find more such designs of business card templates on Printyo. You can pick a type of business card and choose its design and submit it for printing. We offer one of the cheapest rates for printing quality business cards and deliver them in just a few days!

Awesome 21 Business Card Design Templates for Free

If you are looking for a spectacular business card template, these 21 templates will never disappoint you! These templates are designed to attract attention from the minute you take it out of your pocket or purse.

All of these templates are absolutely free to download and customize according to your own choice. You can then print the business cards in your choice of design from Printyo.

We have so many options to choose from – PVC business cards, rounded corner business cards, square business cards, folded business cards, perforated business cards and many more! Let’s first have a look at the templates for business cards and see which one will be best for you.

The Straight-Up Subtle Business Card

While some colours scream attention, there are a few more colours in business cards that add a subtle hue. These templates look completely professional and are great for those who don’t want to go overboard with the card design. Have a look at these designs:

The first one is in a gorgeous brown with an orange combination that prioritizes the business name in the front of the card. All your details are present only in the backside of the card. This looks simple and up to the mark.


If you want something that is even more subtle than before one, then these templates are just what you need. Both the colour combinations are pale and the front design is pretty straightforward and calls attention to your company name at the front.


The Business Cards with QR Codes

Sometimes, there isn’t enough space on the business card to add all the information you need. During such times, you can just add a QR code which the people can scan to get more information.

You can link the QR code to any link you want. It can be linked to your website, your company’s profile, direct call links or anything else that’s of the most important to you.

Here are some awesome templates we have with QR code options.


While the top two templates have added the QR codes in the most natural way and have blended it into the design, the below one is totally different. With a contrasting background for the QR code to be placed in, this business card design calls special attention to the template. Also, if you notice, the size of the QR code is bigger than the previous two. It brings notice to the QR code and makes it compelling for people to scan and know what it’s about!


Consider the QR code as a piece of extra information or even a surprise factor. You can tell the people to scan the QR code for specific information or let the element of curiosity do the work.

The One-Sided Business Card

When we are talking about simple business cards, you cannot triumph more than this one!

This template is specifically created for those people who want the very bare minimum on their business card – nothing more. With just a simple logo on the front of the business card with no accompanying words, you let the visual representation speak.

The backside of the business card is pretty to-the-point with name, position and contact details.

You can never go wrong with this one! This business card will look the best when your company has a simple, uncomplicated logo that looks great with the brown background.


The Colourful Business Card That Demands a Second Look

Do you remember how many business cards you swapped in an event?

You probably don’t! When you have a bundle of business cards laying around, you want your card to get noticed, even if it was forgotten earlier.

These colourful business cards are exactly for that purpose.

Nothing screams ‘look at me’ like a yellow colour! But this isn’t your over-the-board business card that looks tacky.

We have balanced out the bright yellow card at the front of the card with the traditional plain white colour at the back.


The following template is as attractive and attention-grabbing as they come! When have you seen such a beautiful business card with a unique design with the right balance of a subtle colour!

The seaweed green colour complements the design and adds a professional look to the otherwise noticeable business card.


Here are two more business cards that demand attention. With the bold colour combinations and the quirky designs, you can take your business card game up one level!

These types of business card templates are most-suited for these creative agencies like graphic designs, party planners and any other profession where innovation is the middle name.


The Vertical Business Card Orientations

Who said business cards have to be oriented horizontally?

Go a little different and print your business card in the vertical orientation!

We have some amazing designs to print your business card the vertical way. There is something for everyone that you can customize depending on your choice.


The above vertical business cards are professional to the core with the right colour combinations and sleek designs. The front of the business cards points to your business name and logo while your name comes up in the back of the card.


Did you halt at seeing this colourful business card? Well, it’s meant to be! With the powerful combination of pink and yellow tones, you cannot but resist looking at this business card more than once. While the colours are bright, the fonts have been kept simple to strike the balance.

The Freelancer’s/Entrepreneur’s Business Card

Mostly, business cards don’t have photographs. But when your business is all about you, then you need people to relate to you. A decent, professional photograph on your business card could carry a heavyweight.


This one is a stunning business card with the combination of the right amount of pink, blue and green balancing each other out. It’s the typical ‘notice me’ business card with your photograph, name and profession up the front.

The below one has your initials in the front of the card with a beautiful, floral theme. This business card looks so inviting and adorable and best for people in the professions of flower dealers, beauticians, makeup artists, creative artists, painters, etc.


Sharp Partitioned Business Cards

If there is one single business card design that goes easy on the eyes and very professional is those designs with sharp lines and partitions. Take a look at the below business card design templates to know what we are talking about.


This one has partitions for three sections: the logo and company name, your details and QR code. Such designs are easy for the readability and decent colours further add to the allure.


In the above business card, we have gone up one level to customize the designs with striking, sharp lines. Apart from the two-colour partitions that are in white and black, we have added an element of sharp yellow colour to bring some life into the design.


This template is for those who don’t want any fuss on their business card and still have a design that is bright and simple. We all know that the combination of white, black and red is always a hit and we have created a simple design with just these three colours.

The following business card template is yet another design that is simple with partitions and subtle with the colours.


Want to know more about our business card printing options? Call us now at 03 8657 9428 or head directly to our business card printing page and place your order.

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