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Do I Need A Mousepad? Read this before you buy one

By : Amelia Varley on Sep 03, 2022 | Reading Time: 6 minutes

Considering investing in a new mouse pad? There is plenty to consider.

From the type of sensitivity to your frequency of usage, choosing the right mouse pad can impact your experience in ways you never imagined. 

At the same time, everyone does not use it. Other factors include personal preference, the type of mouse you use, and the necessity of a mouse pad.

Modern mice use optical and laser technologies, so you don’t need a mouse pad. But using one adds superior control, comfort, and more.

Many people these days forego the use of a mouse pad because they believe their computer mouse will work fine on the rough surface of their desk.

They don’t realise that dropping your mouse on your desk might ruin the surface and shorten its life. Moreover, mouse pads might have a more aesthetically pleasing effect on your setup than your desk’s flat, unattractive surface.

Here’s a list of the most compelling bias in favor of investing in a mouse pad, in case you were on the fence about making that purchase.

Why Do You Need a Mouse Pad? 

Many have this question, ‘Do I need a mouse pad?’ 

Well, the short answer is yes — especially if you want to swiftly work on your computer and reduce the tedious lag time. 

A mousepad lets your mouse move smoothly. Without a mousepad, your mouse will pick up dirt and debris from your desk and track it across your screen.

This can cause the cursor to move erratically or even stop working entirely. A smooth surface also helps keep the glide of the mouse consistent so that it doesn’t feel like your movement is interrupted by bumps on your desk or carpet. 

Mouse pad adds comfort

Good mouse pads are ergonomic. Its ideal surface area lets your hand slide without friction or resistance. This helps you operate your mouse without unpleasant friction from rough surfaces.

Some mousepads have gel wrist rests. This reduces wrist stress, preventing repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel. Also, you can buy your custom printed mousepad for psychological satisfaction.

Work as a desk protector

mousepad on desk

A mouse pad protects your desk from mouse scratches. It prevents dust off your mouse, preventing dust buildup.

Good mouse pads are of durable plastic so that they won’t skid. Rubberised desk surfaces defend against scratches and dents.

Better gaming experience

gaming mousepad

To get the most out of your PC gaming experience, you need a high-quality mouse pad. An excellent mouse pad will hold your cursor in place.

It prevents accidental clicks by minimising finger slippage. Most gaming mice have mousepads. If not, you can use a soft or hard mouse pad instead.

Do I need a Mousepad for Gaming? 

Yes, a good mousepad can improve your gaming experience and help you perform better. The right mouse pads can enhance gaming accuracy and reduce lag time between your mouse movement and the cursor’s response. 

Let’s look at more such benefits of using gaming mousepads. 

Gaming Mouse Pads Improved Tracking 

A gaming mouse pad is a great way to improve your gaming experience by reducing friction and providing consistent tracking through high-resolution optical sensors. It also protects your desk from scratches caused by the mouse, especially if you have high-DPI gaming mouse pads. 

A gaming mouse pad improves tracking by providing a smoother surface for your mouse to move on. This reduced friction allows you to move your mouse faster and more accurately, which is especially important in gaming. 

Good Mouse Pads Improve the Accuracy 

A good mousepad can improve accuracy in gaming. The ideal surface for gaming is perfectly flat and smooth, without any bumps or ridges that could throw off your aim or disrupt the tracking of your cursor. 

In fact, many gamers claim that using an optical sensor over a laser makes a huge difference in accuracy — and that having a good-quality mousepad can also help with this! 

Gaming Mouse Pads Improve the Gaming Performance Significantly 

While many people use their desk or laptop’s surface to move their mouse around, mouse pads have become an essential accessory for gamers. 

The surface of your desk or laptop may be too slick, which makes it hard to track the mouse movement accurately. A simple piece of gaming mousepad or mouse feet can improve your experience significantly by protecting your desk from scratches and help prevent wear on the underside of your gaming mouse. If you play a lot of FPS games, this can be especially important. 

Using a Gaming Mouse Pad Can Reduce Fatigue 

It may seem like a simple accessory, but a good gaming mouse pad can make all the difference in your gameplay. Not only do gaming mouse pads provide an ergonomic surface texture on which you can rest your hand, but it also helps you move your hand around naturally while keeping it steady. 

Using a gaming mouse pad or mouse mat also reduces fatigue since it’s ultra-fast and glides over the surface with its accurate mouse sensor. Such a gaming mousepad makes using the mouse more comfortable for longer periods for both amateur gamers and professional ones. 

Do you know which type of mouse pad you require? 

While many mouse pads are available in the market, choosing the best mouse pad can make a lot of difference to your entire experience. From normal computer users to hardcore competitive gaming addicts, choosing a good mouse pad is essential. 

So here are different types of mice and the best way to choose mouse pads for them. 

Do you know which type of mice requires a mouse pad?

Mechanical mouse

mechanical mousepad

Mechanical mice didn’t use light to track movement like optical and laser mice. Instead, they contained a firm rubber ball that turned little wheels as the mouse travelled. This motion transmitted signals to a computer, which moved the mouse pointer. Because the physical motion was used for input, a mouse pad helped the rubber ball grasp and move more accurately.

A mouse pad or mouse feet aren’t required for mechanical mice, although it improves performance and accuracy. 

Optical/laser mice

optical mice

Current computer mice measure distance using light. The optical mouse uses an infrared LED, whereas the laser mouse uses a focused light beam. Both systems bounce light off surfaces and map the reflections. A CMOS sensor records mouse input and sends it to the computer for cursor movement.

Low-penetration optical mice struggle with reflecting and glass surfaces. Laser mice function on any material, including glass.

Laser mice don’t need a mouse pad on reflecting or glass surfaces, whereas optical mice need one.

Investing in the Right Mouse Pads 

Mouse pads are among the top low-cost PC peripherals to invest. Everyone should consider using a mouse pad and choosing their favourite for optimal performance. Some prefer a flat surface, while others enjoy a textured mat. Others can’t live without a mouse pad. In the end, it’s always your choice!

Before you choose to buy the mouse pad, look at the type of surface texture it can operate, like a bare desk, hard surface or slick surface. Also, you should check if the wrist support action of the mouse pads is sufficient enough for your use as well as better tracking abilities. 

If you’re one to be on the go, you need a mouse pad with wireless charging capabilities and toggle dark mode support. And most important, your mousepad should be scratch-resistant on almost any surface. 

So make sure to consider all these factors before you choose a mouse pad. 

At Printyo, we offer top-quality mouse pads made of foam or rubber which offers a smooth, non-cracking surface for personal or professional use. The best part? You can customise these mouse pads with your business logo or even your personal pictures or any motivational messages to make them your own! 

Check out our custom mouse pads here.


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