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11 Best Wedding Stubby Holder Sayings

By : Sam Singh on Oct 27, 2021 | Reading Time: 4 minutes

We all love weddings. Your wedding is the perfect time to showcase your unique personality, quirks, and creativity. From decor to the food, every aspect of a wedding gives you the opportunity to be a maverick.

While you will be all prim and proper about the bigger aspects of your wedding, make sure you focus on the subtle aspects as well. For instance, the stubby holders at your wedding, personalise them as well. You can share glimpses of your unique personalities through custom each and every wedding stubby holder.

Here’s a quick list of some interesting wedding stubby holder sayings. It is time you experiment a bit. Say goodbye to being plain and boring!

1. “I Do And Booze” wedding stubby holder

How about a unique design with two clinking beer bottles that make the double ‘O’ on booze! The full saying would be “We came for the ‘I Dos’ and stayed for the free booze”. You can choose the background color that syncs well with the rest of your wedding decor. Classic blue and white combination would work well. Although, you can customise it as per your choice. This would definitely make a great stubby holder for your wedding guests.

2. A wedding stubby holder that talks about “Salad Love Story”

Honestly, have you ever heard a great love story that started with someone eating a salad? Well, obviously no! Why not have your bar and drinks depict the same energy? Show off your fun side with a wedding stubby holder that says “Alcohol… because no great love story ever started with someone eating a salad”. With wood paneling and softer tones, this is the one of the best wedding stubby holder sayings you can get! Fun, indeed!

3. Merry and Married wedding stubby holder

So you are getting married. Definitely you are looking forward to lots of merrymaking *wink* *wink*! Why not have your wedding stubby holder be a little naughty just like you? After all, it is YOUR day, you are allowed to get carried away a bit. If you know what we mean! Your fun and naughty stubby holder can have a dancing couple depicted on it with this line below it: “Merry AND Married”.

4. Eat, Drink, and Be Married wedding stubby holder

Marriages are sacred. Why not have a phrase on your stubby holder that has actual biblical origins? Turn on the popular phrase “eat, drink, and be merry” (Ecclesiastes 8:15 for those who are curious) and get “eat, drink, and be married” printed on your wedding stubby holder. Team your wedding stubby holder saying with a colour scheme that adds extra elegance. Make sure it is in sync with the rest of your decor. The combination of black, white, and teal would look fantastic if you are looking for a stylish yet muted colour scheme.

5. Best Day Ever Stubby Holder

Of course it is your best day ever! You are getting married! We are as excited as you. Why not let our excitement show with a wedding stubby holder that screams joy? Get “Best Day Ever” printed on your unique wedding stubby holders. Announce it to the world how happy you are! Let all your guests join in the celebrations. Choose a colour scheme that bursts joy out of this wedding message.

6. Bad Dance Moves wedding stubby holder

Weddings are meant to be enjoyed not perfected. Show your easy going fun side with this unique wedding stubby holder saying: “Food Booze & Bad Dance Moves”. Show how happy and confident you are on your wedding day that you would rather enjoy bad dance moves than stressing over perfect dancing. I am telling you, there’s a certain unexplainable joy in dancing your heart out- no matter how you do it. The goal is to enjoy!

7. Love & Laughter wedding stubby holder

Are you a fan of traditions and classic sayings? How about you try this wedding stubby holder saying: “To Love, Laughter, And Happily Ever After”? Let your guests know how happy you are on the d-day that you are finally getting married to the love of your life. Your love and laughter together as a couple definitely give a glimpse of your happily ever after life post wedding.

8. Hunt Over wedding stubby holder

“The Hunt Is Over”. Yes, definitely! Now that you are settling down, your hunt for the perfect partner…the love of your life is over. Share the joy of settling down with your wedding guests by having this saying printed on your wedding stubby holder. Choose a rustic colour scheme and background to highlight the words. And when in doubt, go with wood panel finish. Class meets art; let your creative side dominate!

9. Let Love Brew wedding stubby holder

A little quirky but mostly clever- “Let Love Brew” on your wedding stubby holder is a clear winner. Add a svelte graphic element to make the words pop. the clever use of word brew hints to your wedding guests that they are about to have some fun and booze. Of course, with the love brewing between you two! 

10. Sip, Sip, Hooray wedding stubby holder

Holding a fun, colourful, modern wedding? You have to get “Sip, Sip, Hooray” printed on your wedding stubby holder. With every sip of the drinks at your wedding, your guests get to cheer for you and your partner’s happily ever after post marriage. Make sure the background is as vibrant and happy as you are! In case you are not a fan of colorful backgrounds, you can tone it down by adding a solid colour or turning to muted grayscale. Choice is yours!

11. Vows Are Done wedding stubby holder

“Vows Are Done, Let’s Have Some Fun”- absolutely the right message to be on your wedding stubby holder. Now that the serious part of the wedding (a.k.a the vows) is done with, you can finally let your hair down for the dance party. Shake a leg with your wedding guests and share the happiness with them.