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Best Sticker Design Ideas For 2024

By : Amelia Varley on Jan 04, 2024 | Reading Time: 6 minutes

Whether you want to start a sticker business or design your own stickers, you must search for some cool sticker designs or sticker templates for designing memorable stickers. Stickers are versatile, fun and everywhere, from car bumpers to water bottles.

So, how you can find out the best idea for designing an attractive sticker? What kind of sticker can you create, and how can you successfully market your sticker’s custom decal?

Stick around with us as here to cover you and provide some classic visual cues to create stickers like professional designers or graphic designer.

Where to get sticker design ideas

The sticker’s ability to outshine others depend upon the sticker template that one is using for creating any type of sticker- be it vinyl sticker, retro looking sticker, minimalistic stickers, or some bold letters sticker. A quick Google search will provide you with plenty of food for thought; however, it will be best to check out some specialized marketplaces if you are looking for some more options.

And if you are looking to cater for a specific niche, make sure to search trending social media feeds. One can even make use of custom typography for creating a great sticker.

What kind of stickers can you design

Without saying, it is understood that the possibilities for sticker design ideas are endless and most stickers convey different business trends and attract attention of audience.

Let’s pop onto this section to catch some popular sticker types which you can get for your sticker shop or can successfully market using an online platform.

1.     Water bottle stickers

Sustainability is not just the best idea, but it is also the biggest trend. Multiple people are trying to minimize toxic waste, so reusable water bottles are the best way to keep yourself hydrated during burning summers.

water bottle stickers

Same as your phone, water bottles are something which you will be carrying around with you the entire time. Because of this reason, people love to customize their water bottles with sticker designs. These should be durable and waterproof stickers. Generally, they come in small sizes so that you can see the entire image without turning the bottle around. For them, there are no specific rule or design tips. Any of the funny characters, cute animals and tropical images or bumper sticker are surely long-term favorite design inspirations and are always the prime choice of audience as well as designers.

2.     Laptop and phone case stickers

laptop stickers

The perfect type of sticker packs for phone cases and laptops are kiss-cut stickers i.e., stickers are cut in exact shape and size instead of being on the background. The little difference is that kiss-cut stickers have a lighter touch and are easier to peel off, making them a great product for phone cases and laptops.

Normally, people add custom stickers to make the indispensable technology a little more personalized. Pop culture is the favourite design inspiration for sticker design ideas for gadgets.

Laptop sticker designs can be more creative as you can design big laptop skins (decals) to give them a dramatic and complete custom look. But for these kinds of larger stickers, images need to be of high resolution.

3.     Car and motorcycle Stickers

car and motorcycle stickers

Bumper stickers and car stickers have been around for a very long time. They are not fading in popularity. You can easily find them reflecting activist or political messages, one-liners, funny quotes, baby on board etc. Since these sticker design ideas are text-heavy, you can consider making your sticker more special with cool typography (make sure your punchline is legible).

It would be best to always stick to solid and bright colors, which will be visible enough to pass your message across. Do not use any shading as this might not be visible in direct sunlight. Strong vinyl stickers with some strong adhesions are also best for putting on helmets or motorcycles.

car stickers

Whether you go with something super girly and feminine to match your new activa or for a classic biker aesthetic, something funny and bold will always be eye-catchy.

4.     Wall stickers

Wall stickers look cool and are also inexpensive and easy way to decorate any room.

For children and teen rooms, they are very popular. Again, pop culture is a mind-blowing way to go when it comes to decorate walls with best sticker design ideas.

Another trendy sticker is ‘signage’; always remember that love, laugh, and life has lots of alternatives. Use an appropriate font and make sense for the space, i.e., cursive fonts; frilly might be suitable for the kid’s room, but not for a serious real estate business.

So, wall decals or large outdoor decals are an amazing way to make your interior design stand out. There are various amazing original designs online, and if you want something more custom, check out social media for latest ideas.

5.     Small business stickers       

It is very clear that people are madly in love with fun stickers! As a business owner selling stickers, you can tap into that with the help of sticker design ideas to increase awareness of your brand.

For a small business, hats and t-shirts could be costly; however, printing sticker pages in bulk is very cost-effective and makes a great freebie to please your customers, perhaps giving them away at a trade show booth.

Use your logo design, especially if you have got any fun mascot that people associate with your brand identity. Stickers of high quality will also help you create inexpensive merch.

The sticker store usually create stickers that can be placed on the blank shopping bags or business cards to create a cute message for the customers or add them as a gift purchase. It would be best if you always personalize the stickers with the logo of the brand colours to create better brand recognition.

What are the best places to sell sticker design ideas

Depending on how much time and money you are willing to invest in building a customer base, promotions, marketing etc., you should find the place to sell.

However, most of these options are direct with fewer customization options, while others allow you to set up an impressive online sticker shop. There are various online websites where you can easily sell your sticker designideas and make a good amount of money. Social media and discussion forums are also nice places to create some buzz around your marketplace.

Top tips for creating sticker design

Stickers created by you are the gifts people will wear on their bottles, walls, laptops etc. So, these stickers should be cool. Here are the top tips for creating attractive customized sticker designs.

1.     Make your idea simple

Do not try to tell everything with the help of stickers. Stickers should not be visually complicated as no one will have time to read it. Design something with can be understood within seconds.

2.     Play with the shape

When it comes to sticker design ideas, squares and circles are best. In the majority of cases, it works pretty well. Stickers can be designed for a business and casual look in these two shapes.

3.     Less details

Do not try to make your sticker stand out by adding more details. It will only worsen the sticker, and your main idea will be left out behind the details.

4.     Match colors with the brand

Stickers could be of any color; however, the stickers designed for any business should always match the brand colors. Make sure that stickers create a strong association.

5.     Make the text readable

Avoid text altogether. Ideally, the sticker should express something without words. But if you have decided to include words in your stickers, make them super large and always keep letters in the capital.

Wrap Up It is advisable to work on sticker design ideas that are eye-grabbing and make sure that they are printed with perfection. The above-mentioned sticker ideas will make your stickers fun and help you become a renowned sticker seller.