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7 Places Where You Can Keep Your Personalised Mug to Make the Place More Appealing

By : Sam Singh on Oct 27, 2021 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

We all have a collection of our favorite personalised mugs. Some are prized possessions, while others could be a part of your kitchenware detritus. With little innovation, you can put them all to use, adding color and charm to your home decor. Wondering how?  

Here’s a list of 7 intriguing places where you can keep your personalized mugs:

Palette Personalised Mug rack 

Instead of boxing up all your favorite personalised mugs, you can use them to put on display your love for art and craft. Let your creative genius shine with a palette mug rack hanging rather proudly in your hallway or kitchen wall. You can easily create one as a part of your DIY project.  

You can create a palette depending upon the number of personalized mugs you want to hang on the rack. A cool way to display your unique collection, indeed! 

Custom printed mug wall art 

We all love beautiful wall art. How about you create one with your favorite custom printed mugs? It will be like a hug in a mug! The best part is you can personalise it with your favorite quote or message. One idea we really love is organizing your coffee mugs on the basis of the rainbow-colored theme.  


Well, it is simple. Create your own wall art in whatever shape you like. A tree shape is quite popular these days. Now place your personalised mugs on each level, synchronizing them on the basis of their color. As per the rainbow theme, violet-colored mugs would go first, followed by indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Your own pretty rainbow to gaze at is ready! 

Picture framed customised mug 

Everyone hangs their favorite photos on the wall. How about we go a little offbeat? A bit more creative? You will first need to sort out your most beautiful and unique personalised mugs. Then have them hanging amidst a gorgeous wooden frame. This is where art meets creativity. This would look exceptionally good on your kitchen wall. You can even get your photos printed on the mug and then hang the photo mug in the picture frame. Quirky, isn’t it?  

End of cabinet personalised mug hanger 

Got too many personalised mugs? Well, keeping them locked in the cupboard isn’t doing you any favor nevertheless. They will also end up eating your storage space. Instead, you can put them on display. Wondering where and how?  

Take a long look at your kitchen cupboard. The end wall of it is the perfect place to hang your favorite custom printed mugs. You can even print your favorite quotes on your mugs. Hang them somewhere they are spottable easily. 

Customised mug wind chime 

Wind chimes are a beautiful and melodious addition to your home decor. With every whoosh of wind, the melodious sounds fill your home. You can go a step ahead and reinvent the wind chimes customizing them with your favorite personalised mugs. You can choose an ascending size gradient order of mugs, print your favorite quotes or photos on them and hang them on a wind chime. Balconies and living rooms are the perfect places to hang these customised wind chimes.  

Custom printed mug vases and planters

Another ingenious way of using your custom printed mugs is to create colorful DIY flower mug vases and planters to hold your favorite flowers and plants. This simple craft will make your flowers and plants stand out from the rest.  

First, create a hole at the base of the mug. If you are going to plant succulents, no need to drill a hole. But for other plants, you will need to create an outlet for excessive water. Fill it up halfway with soil mix. Voila! You’re done, now it is the time to add your favorite plants. Just remember to be gentle when repotting the plant into the personalised mug. Fill the mug with the remaining soil until you have covered all the roots. Gently spray with water.  

Love bold and colorful statements? Group together a couple of mug vases and planters. Set them on a broad window sill or your balcony. You can even create a plant corner in your living room using all your custom printed mugs as planters.  

Personalised mug odds and ends dispenser 

Got pen, pins, rubber bands, and other odd items lying around the house? You can use a really pretty personalised mug as an odd and ends dispenser. Set it on your desk and you are all organized!