Print On Demand

Top-notch print-on demand T-shirts to scale your business. There's no better way to do it!
  • Unparalleled quality
  • No hidden charges
  • Free design assistance
  • Made in Australia

Design Your Own T-Shirt

Thinking of running your own T-shirt printing business? Don’t worry it’s easier than ever when you have printing experts like PrintYo with you. We do the heavy lifting of printing while you get to focus your energy on other operations like advertising and procuring orders. This means no inventory, lower manufacturing costs, and quicker turnaround.

Hold PrintYo’s hand as we together move leaps and bounds in meeting your customer’s expectations and letting their imagination run wild by offering high-quality affordable print-on-demand T-shirts. This means your customers have the freedom to design their own T-shirts.

Did your customer raise a unique demand for T-shirt printing? Well, no need to fret! PrintYo will create T-shirt prints that let you be the maverick!

Australia-wide Shipping

Our 100% Australia-made T-shirts are easily accessible in Australia. All it takes is just a 3-step process to place your order and we’ll ship your consignment anywhere in Australia.

Free mock-up generator

Surprises are welcome only when they’re pleasant. PintYo believes in giving you full control over your T-shirt design. You can preview your T-shirt design before it goes into printing. No extra charges for that!

No minimum order

Did you receive an order for one T-shirt? No need to overthink; just let us know. PrintYo is here to help you! We have no maximum or minimum caps on our orders.

Drive Profits For Your T-shirt Business By Leaving The Printing To Experts

Being a jack of all trades doesn’t work really well when you are an independent business trying to scale your operations and drive profits up. You need a helping hand you can trust blindly in terms of quality, pricing, and punctuality. PrintYo is that friend indeed! You can easily sell custom T-shirts to your clients while leaving the actual job of T-shirt printing to us. As experts, we know how to maintain the delicate balance between quality and affordability. This means less headache and more profits for your business.

Premium Quality Custom T-Shirts

Quality speaks for itself! A high-quality T-shirt print won’t just grab attention, it makes sure the print, fabric, and color stay strong against the test of time. After all, who wants a custom T-shirt that would fade in just one wash? The print coming out like some cheap rubber paint is another such mood destroyer.

Don’t worry, PrintYo pulls you out of the dilemma with its premium quality custom T-shirt prints. Our custom-printed T-shirts are durable, machine wash-safe, and versatile. We use high-quality ink and cutting-edge technology to create designs that fascinate onlookers. No more substandard T-shirts anymore!

What makes Printyo stand out

100% Australia Made

We are a 100% Australia-made and Australia-operated brand that ships high-quality custom T-shirts anywhere in the Australia. All our raw materials are sourced through reliable and ethical channels.

Intuitive Design Tools

Whether you have a design in mind or are looking for suggestions and help, PrintYo puts the power in your hands in the form of intuitive design tools. These easy-to-use tools let you exercise full control over the design.

Custom Branding Tools

Looking for custom branding options you can trust blindly? PrintYo makes it easier to sell printed T-shirts using your brand name without having to hold inventory. Superior quality at unbelievable prices.

Smooth Automation

Right from designing to ordering your custom T-shirts, our process is unbelievably smooth, easier, and seamless. In just a simple 3-step procedure, you’ll be able to place your order to be delivered anywhere in the world.

Reliable Quality

Quality should never be sacrificed in favor of affordability. PrintYo understands how important it is to maintain a delicate balance between reliable quality and competitive pricing. Rest assured you’ll get the best quality without burning a hole in your pocket.

No minimum order

You don’t need to stick to a minimum order size to be able to fulfill your customer’s order. We accept orders for just one printed T-shirt as well. We’ll make sure we meet your customer’s expectations.

Make Money Selling T-Shirts With PrintYo

How about you keep focusing on your core business operations like advertising your products, procuring new customers, and retaining the old ones? While PrintYo would do the actual printing for you! Driving up your profits is now easier than ever by leaving the task of creating high-quality prints to the experts. PrintYo is reliable in terms of faster turnaround time, unparalleled quality, and easy-on-pocket bulk pricing.

How does it work?

Connect to PrintYo

Log onto our website and browse through our selection of T-shirts and T-shirt printing services. Choose the style and design you want. You can upload your own design or seek assistance from our creative team.

Place your order

After finalizing your design and style, it’s time to place the order. There is no upper or lower limit on order size. Get as many as you want. You can also request next-day dispatch at the checkout.

PrintYo fulfills your order

After receiving your order, our team sets upon the task of creating premium custom-printed T-shirts that exceed your expectations. With a focus on fast delivery, we work meticulously to fulfill your order.

Your order gets shipped

We are finally done! Your order containing premium quality custom printed T-shirts is shipped and will reach your doorsteps pretty soon. Do not forget to provide us with your valuable feedback afterward.

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