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Packing Tips for Mugs: How to Ship Coffee Mugs without Breaking Them

By : Sam Singh on Jun 18, 2021 | Reading Time: 5 minutes

Almost everybody owns coffee mugs and most of us would have broken coffee mugs at least once.

It is just that it is one of the easily breakable things in our kitchen and it is one of the most often used things.

It would be really terrible when you order a set of personalized mugs for your family or a set of promotional mugs for your company only to open it and find it all broken.

Or, you may have forgotten your best friend’s birthday and at the last minute, came up with the idea of gifting one of those cool photo coffee mugs, ordered for the mug printing same day with a beautiful picture of hers only to see the shock on her face on seeing the broken mug.

It all resides with how efficient your coffee mugs are packed.

In order to avoid getting the coffee mugs damaged during shipping, packing it well plays an important role and in this article, we will see how to give a perfect packing to the coffee mug before shipping it.

Packing the coffee mug is very easy if you have all the right materials at hand.

There are a lot of ways by which one could pack the coffee mugs to avoid breakage and here is one simple packing tutorial by which you can make sure of it.

Be ready with the right packing materials

The very first step to pack the coffee mug without breaking is to have the right packing materials.

You can get all of the packing materials in your nearby stores.

The important things that you will essentially need are the bubble wraps and the packing tape to secure the mug inside.

It would be a definite advantage if you have the right sized thermocol for the coffee mug.

You can also use any other cushioning materials like sponges or packing peanuts in addition to the bubble wrap if you need.

Check your packing materials for any small sharp objects as they may create scathes on the mugs inadvertently which could spoil the look of the mug especially if you are going for coffee mug printing.

The right fit box

Once you have all the packing materials ready, it is time to get that perfectly shaped box.

Choosing the size and material of the box is very important when it comes to packing delicate things like the coffee mugs.

It is generally advised to have a large sized box which is larger than the coffee mug and fill them with bubble wraps or other cushioning materials.

If you go for a small sized box or an exact fit box as that of the coffee mug, there are probabilities that the mug will be touching the box and can receive any stress on the box and break.

In case of too large sized boxes, there are always probabilities that the stuffing inside may not sufficient and this could result in the coffee mug moving inside and again lead to breakages.

Therefore, picking the right box size is very important. Don’t be stingy and choose a small size box or stuff two coffee mugs in one large sized box.

Now that you are ready with all the right packing materials, it is time to move to the next step of the process – the actual packing.

The packing process

Half of your work is already done if you have all the right packing materials ready with you.

It has become important to know the right way to pack mugs as there has been an increased use of mugs with everybody owning at least one because of the various cheap mug printing options.

  • Wrapping the coffee mug is the first and easy step. You can take a thick plastic cover and place the mug inside it and cover it all over.
    Or, you can take a packing paper and wrap it tightly around the coffee mug. Alternatively, you can directly wrap the coffee mug in a bubble wrap.
    Use packing tapes to secure the wrapping so that it doesn’t come out when you go for the next stages of the packing.
    If you are using a thermocol, you may skip this step too but if you are packing custom mugs, it is best to wrap them anyway.
  • The next step is preparing the box.
    The box that you had chosen to pack the coffee mug in has to be lined with bubble wrap at the bottom of it.
    You can also use some paper below it.
    This is to protect the mug from any shock that the box receives and prevent it from getting broken.
    If you are using an exactly shaped thermocol which also covers the bottom of the mug, you may skip this step too.
  • Before you place the box inside, tape all five sides of the box securely so that it doesn’t open up with the weight of the coffee mug.
  • Once you have checked the box, now is the time to place the mug inside the box.
    If you are using an exact fit thermocol, place the coffee mug first inside the thermocol and place the set of thermocol and the mug inside the box.
  • If you are not using thermocol, you may see some gaps between the mug and the box.
    Fill these gaps with bubble wraps, sponges and packing peanuts tightly.
    Ensure that the packing isn’t too tight, else the tension near the mug can even cause it to crack.
    So be cautious to fill the gaps with enough shock-absorbing materials so that there isn’t any place for the mug to move but not too much that the coffee mug is under tension.
  • When you have filled the outer sides of the coffee mug, the next step is to fill the inside.
    Wherever there is a gap, the tension or any shock tends to travel to it and with the centre of the coffee mug being empty, it could break the coffee mug. Again, use sponges, bubble wraps, packing peanuts or cloths to fill lightly in the centre.
    Even if you are using thermocol structure to pack, you will need to pack the insides of the mug with the materials.
  • Give extra attention to the handle of the coffee mug as it is one of the most common things to break.
    You can wrap a bubble wrap around the handle, secure it with packing tape and place some sponges in between the spaces of the handle.
  • Now that you are done on the inside, check the total packing by shaking the box lightly in the horizontal direction.
    Check if the coffee mug is moving or not. If it isn’t, then your work is almost done. If it is moving, then you need to fill in more packing materials.
  • Now before closing the box, see the gap between the top of the coffee mug along with the packing to the upper lid of the box when closed.
    Fill in some bubble wrap on the top of it and if needed, secure it with packing tape.
  • Close the lid of the box and before taping it and shake it in vertical direction lightly and see if you can feel anything moving.
    If not, then your work is done!
    You can use the packing tape to once again secure the total box and complete your packing

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