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How to Use Print Marketing to Promote a Moving Business

By : Sam Singh on Jun 18, 2021 | Reading Time: 5 minutes

Promotion and marketing is one of the chief elements of any company’s growth strategy.

Whether the company offers a service or product, using the right marketing strategies can help the company communicate itself to its target audience.

No wonder, promoting your business via print marketing still holds a significant place and has a great influence on people’s minds.

The way you market your products/services speaks a lot about your company and its core values. Thus, for a removal business print marketing brings a huge mass attention.

Spreading a word about your moving business using flyers, banners, business cards etc. is a proven strategy and is highly beneficial.

If you have just started a moving business and you are wondering which marketing methods you should use for promotion of your business, don’t wait and start promoting with the help of print materials.

Marketing through print materials is not only beneficial but also offers great return over investment in real time.

Printed form of marketing is still effective in this age of digital marketing. Since print marketing is very old and is in practice for a very long period of time.

Any printed material used for marketing is tangible and a person retains it for a longer time than any other form of marketing material.

Over the time, printing has been transformed. Modern advanced machines, designs, printing materials etc. have changed the print marketing a lot.

This all has resulted in high quality print marketing items which are tangible and can grab the attention of anyone in just first sight.

These days, printed marketing materials have become aesthetically more appealing, impressive and creative.

Check out some of the most famous printed materials that can be used to promote a moving business listed below –

  1. Business Cards
    Even if you are investing in digital marketing a lot, you can never avoid business cards.It’s highly mandatory for a removal businesses. Be it person to person networking or just distributing the cards at crowded places, business cards never run out of trend. These days, business cards too have gone through a lot of modifications.You can have almost any shape and size of business cards for your moving business such as circular, rectangular, square, rounded corners etc. These are cost effective and provide your business a great benefit.According to a sales report analysed by Book a Mover, around 72% of people usually judge a company on the basis of its business cards.
  2. Brochures
    Perhaps one of the most powerful print marketing products, brochures gives your moving business a competitive advantage.Just like a business card, brochure too is an important part of any company’s print marketing strategy. A brochure can be of any size, and of any pages. Generally, three pages are enough but you can have less or more than this.This item gives complete information about your business to the public.However, the information that your brochure has should be crisp, appealing and easy to digest.These items can be used in direct mail marketing strategy for your office removalist business.
  3. Banners and Signs
    Every company, new or established one spends and invests a lot in banners and signs. You must have seen them in crowded places.Big in size, banners are used to grab the attention of the public in one go. Imagine you are driving and you see a big banner of a company at the top of a building.This grabs attention. The key strategy behind an effective banner is the design.Sleekness and creativity both make a banner look more appealing. Put your moving company’s logo, name, services etc. in high quality and get yourself an attractive banner.
  4. Letterheads & Envelopes
    It may sound old but these things still hold a great significance when it comes to branding your moving business through printed materials.Your moving business looks more legitimate and authentic when you use letterheads and envelopes with your customers and clients.Not only having a letterhead or envelop impresses the customers, but it also adds a sense of trust. Using customized color printed envelopes and letterheads reflect that you pay attention to details which projects your company as an authentic brand in the market.Hence, employing these two printed items to snag your target audience offers great benefits.
  5. Thank You Cards
    Thank you notes make you stand a step ahead of your competitors.Whether you have to send it to the business clients or to your loyal customers, thank you cards let them know that you care and think about them.Thank you cards not only send your message to the people but also act as a feedback card to the customers. Sending thank you is a common gesture yet it builds great relationships.For a moving business, sending a thank you note is good since it maintains the loyalty between you and your customers. Get yourself a nice, appealing thank you card and start sending your target audiences.
  6. Calendars & Stickers
    Calendars and stickers have been serving the purpose of branding since a long time. Calendars are used for day to day purposes.These days, calendars are not just a piece of paper which tells you about dates and holidays, but have modified to something really cool and unique items.Customized calendars with your moving company’s name, logo, contact details etc. effectively promote you as a brand and serves as a wonderful print marketing material.Similarly, customized stickers also promote your brand in a very unique manner, which can be affixed on almost everything such as vehicles, phone & laptop, walls, mirrors, notebooks etc.
  7. Business merchandises – Customized Items
    Ever wondered daily use items which you have at your home can be used for branding your business?This is the age of customized products which have personal touch to them.Printed mugs, printed T-shirts, notebooks, pens etc. are nowadays heavily used for marketing a company, product or service.You can get these items printed with your company’s logo or other details if you want and can do a giveaway to your customers or general people let’s say in shopping malls.This can be either done as a campaign, dedicated to a special cause, for example nature conservation or you can gift these items to your customers during special occasions etc.

In most of the cases, print materials serve as the first interaction with the customers.

So, it is very important to have high quality print materials both in terms of printing and in terms of material as well. If you want to start your print on demand business then Printyo is the perfect partner for you.

Moreover, you must spend time thinking and strategising unique print content which you will use for marketing your moving company.

Print marketing works well for every type of business. Using right print marketing improves your moving company’s ROI.

Case study

Name of the CompanyMove My Stuff

Movemystuff is a Melbourne based leading moving company started in 2007. The company is known for its affordable and reliable moving services. This company uses a lot of print marketing materials to promote its brand and has received a great benefit in terms of sales and ROI.

Example of printed materials used by Move My Stuff

The company uses following pint marketing materials for its business promotion

  • Customized pen
    move my stuff pen
  • Customized T – shirt
    move my stuff tshirt
  • Business cards
    move my stuff business cards
  • Customized mugs
    move my stuff mug

No matter what, print marketing is still a very effective and influential tool which can help you earn more leads leading to sales.