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6 Hacks For Marketing Of A New Product- The Printyo Way

By : Sam Singh on Jul 23, 2018 | Reading Time: 5 minutes

Are you about to release a new product? Even though you may have released many products earlier, the scenario with the customers is fast-changing. Customers do not just want products; they want products that they can relate and which gives a personal feel. There a lot of ways for marketing of a new product according to the new trends.

Let’s see some of the proven ways for the marketing of a new product:

Personalization is the key

If there is one thing that never fails with marketing, it is personalization. From personalizing your products to personalizing related things with your product’s mark, there can be a lot that can be done with personalization when the marketing of a new product. Many companies in the services industry have recently adapted to the trend of personalizing according to their customers and giving out freebies with personalized content.

If you are realizing a new product from your brand, you can start its marketing from your company’s calendars. You can give out promotional mugs and personalised pens announcing your new product’s launch to your regular clients. You can easily hire an online printing services company to get such customized products in large batches. If you are looking for more such customized products from customized calendars, t-shirts and keychains to online printing secrets, make use of Printyo to get personalized products.

Conduct social media contests

Contests are one of the popular tools used by marketers and it has been simplified with social media. This is one of the fun ways to market a product. To get the word out about your new product and to create a demand in the market, you can start a social media contest.

You can ask the people to do something related to the product before you release and give the product to the winner. Or you can hold any photographic giveaway contests on Instagram and give an exclusive chance for the customers to get the product before it is released into the market! You can also run similar contests in Twitter too.

You can create huge direct traffic to your website which will also help you in the marketing of a new product to a large and potential audience.

Understand your competitors

If you don’t have any competition in your particular market, consider yourself lucky! Most of the new products already have competitors in the niche and marketers have to struggle to get oneself established in front of the competitors especially if the competition is a bigger brand than yours. For the marketing of a new product, you need to know what you are up against so that all your marketing efforts don’t go wrong.

When introducing a new product into the market, the best way to start is to observe your market and understand your competitor’s strategy. You need to take account of the competitor’s pricing, their packaging, and the marketing efforts. Don’t forget to record in the customers’ opinions about the product and identify any market gap that may have been ignored by your competitors.

You can leverage that and get your product to come across as solving the market gap. Though there are a lot of ways to market a new product, everything starts with understanding your competition and your target customers.

Add a touch of social media

Have you seen that many products now carry a ‘Like on Facebook’ or ‘Tweet’ symbols on its packaging?

The world is going digital and the faster you embrace it and make it a part of your marketing strategy, the better your response will be. There are various ways by which you can incorporate social media into your product experience. You can include QR codes which when scanned will open to your Facebook page or Twitter handles.

You can have your own hashtag on your product packaging and ask people to comment about their experience with your product. Your company can stay active by replying to the hashtags and increase its interactions.

Make sure to find out who are all talking about your new product in social media and encourage them to do more. If the product’s handle hasn’t been tagged with the post, you can use image-recognition technology to find such posts and respond promptly to such customers. There are many more such ways through which social media can play a major role in the marketing of a new product.

Build with free samples

If you’re looking to build a market for your new product, free samples are a good way to get your products into the homes of your target consumers. You can produce a smaller-sized product and either give it as a free with a magazine or a newspaper or as a freebie with a related product. As an example of the marketing strategy of a new product, let’s take a new range of talcum powders. A sample of this product best goes with a freebie for a soap or body wash.

Most people are happy to get anything free and have high chances of actually using it. And if you have a good product, then you have generated a productive lead for your new product. You can give out such free samples for a limited period of time even in a store. If it is any eatable, you can have a small stall inside or outside a supermarket and get people to taste it and make a sale then and there.

Exclusive offers for loyal customers

You will definitely have a set of loyal customers who swear by your brand and buy most of your brand’s products. When they come to know that there is a new addition, they will obviously be excited to try it out. To get an initial takeoff for marketing of a new product, you can send out exclusive gift hampers to such loyal customers before the actual release of the product and get their testimonials and use it for the initial promotions.

If anyone of them is in the status of a social media influencer, then you’re in for loads of free promotions and exposure! Make the best use of such loyal customers to put a good word about your new product.

Some of the main hacks mentioned for the marketing of a new product can help to get that initial push for your product in the market. For that big initial ascend and for create a market demand, perform market research before employing any strategies for marketing of a new product.

Sam Singh
With a background inscience, Sam's expertise lies in managing technical aspects of the business such as web development, printing and business automation. He also spearheads initiatives to explore new ventures and business ideas. Sunny graduated from Middlesex University London, UK.